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Guests at DG’s B&B like to keep it simple.  The traditional steps follow standard rules: 1, 2, 3, 4.  It’s not abstract, or experimental, in the Tech Lab.  But it is surprising.

When technology changes, a ripple effect rocks everything connected to it.  Why did the typewriter change how desks are made?  Let’s find out:

A house is a house, until it’s your house.  Then it’s home.  How do you get there?

The earth is a big dirt ball?  The part we live on is.  When dirt is a metaphor do you still have to wash it off?

The micro-wave oven in your kitchen didn’t start life as an appliance.  Where did it start?

A good patent protects inventors from thieves, unless the inventor knows enough about patents to take an inside line.

The future of the human race is important, but this important?

The difference between a house you live in and a home you love is the amount of rock you’ve moved?  Grab a wheel barrow.

What is the best way to cook up a storm?  Stay calm and follow the directions.

Is this the leader of our new world,  Mr. Informatician?  Could be.

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