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  1. 4 Easy Steps For Hot Travel Food Without Stopping


    October 2, 2012 by David Gillaspie

    Turkey Jerky – Automotive Style (Guest post by ‘Travelin’ Tim Sytsma) So, you find yourself driving across the continent, headed …
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  2. A Sport Boomer’s Trip

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    August 22, 2012 by David Gillaspie

    WITH HIS WIFE AND MOTHER IN LAW A high school reunion brings ’em back, friends and teammates. You see the …
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  3. Kesey And The Bus


    August 17, 2011 by David Gillaspie

    THE MAGIC IN THE MAGIC TRIP Flashback to 1964 and ask yourself if you’d get on a bus with thirteen …
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  4. Travel The Blue Highway


    May 17, 2011 by David Gillaspie

    IN THE KEY OF LIFE The blues do a show at the local hoedown and you go listen. Put any name …
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  5. Weird Portland, Meet New Orleans, Queen of Weirdness

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    April 29, 2011 by David Gillaspie

    If You Can Read This, Wave Your Hand Twice I’ve come to Portland and found the Gay Pride Parade in full swing.  My …
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  6. Testing For Smart

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    April 26, 2011 by David Gillaspie

    Who Will Pass A man and woman both in Oregon grew up in Mississippi. Every word the man spoke said …
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  7. Hurricane vs BP Oil Spill, part 2 of 2

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    April 25, 2011 by David Gillaspie

    When you say hurricane in Gulf Shores, Alabama, they say, “Ivan.” When you say Oil Spill, they say what everyone …
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