Wooton Killer

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June 21, 2009 by David Gillaspie


One of the museum guys stayed a night.  He and his wife are reorganizing their home.  He wants a new desk:

“If you piled every desk on earth onto Desk Mountain, a Wooton would be on top.  If desks were outlawed you would hide a Wooton in an attic.  It is the King Of Desks.  After a Wooton you’ll never look at another roll top.

“Why did the Wooton have to die?  Who killed it?  The murder was a conspiracy between the typewriter and the file cabinet.  One produced a deluge of documents, the other stored them.  The Wooton drowned in it. 


“When a desk as ornate as the Wooton drops from sight, a cultural ripple spreads across the entire world.  It changes the business of desk building.

“The museum found a desk like the Wooton, made in the same town.  A quick check showed nothing to identify it.  No one knew what it was.  The donors called it a mailbox desk.  Someone else called it a Wells Fargo desk.

“I found a surface shadow where a piece of molding had been.  Small screws fastened the matching piece on the opposite side.  A metal plate under the molding showed a manufacturer’s name:  A Moore desk. 

“The incredible design of the Wooton serves two purposes.  First was creating something beautiful.  Second was showing how machine made furniture compares with handmade.

“In today’s so-called paperless society of high-tech communication, the Wooton deserves another chance, a comeback.  What laptop wouldn’t be happy on a Wooton?”


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