Blogger And 8 Damages Done

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September 6, 2012 by David Gillaspie

8 Ways To P!ss Into The Wind

Relax, there’ll be no pissing and moaning around here. Never have, never will.

But complaints do come in and do need addressing.

1. Traffic

If someone googles an image for jack-ass, and you’re face show’s up from your blog, it’s a tabulated hit.

No one took a second to read anything. They just clicked a pic for a better look and moved on. It hurts, I know.

2. Big Boy Blog

Narrow the niche and mine the bottom for all the gold in the world. Learn to use the tools at hand.

The audience has been waiting. And they’ll be loyal, not some picture pirates, if you show up correct.

3. Content, The Royal Court

Sure it’s king, but it must be queen, prince and princess from some blogs that show up.

A beginning, a middle, an end…anything more is showing off, except a call to action, like:

Send Money.

4. Education, Now And Forever

You’re fifty-five, too old for class? What if your teacher is fifteen years older? Will that help you learn? Younger?

You’re thirty-five, married, kids, and three years of college? Sign up for the homestretch kick to your degree.

Finish. Your family doesn’t want to introduce you as a drop-out mom or dad the rest of your life. Just because that’s not how Bill Gates is seen around his house doesn’t mean you’ll get a break.

5. Health Care

You’re not climbing to a mountain top when it’s your turn to die. Or riding a horse into the woods.

You’re not walking into the ocean the next time you catch a cold, or stepping into a train with the sniffles.

Plan accordingly.

6. Fitness

What is the correct answer for ‘key to best health?’ Staying strong. It takes mental and physical activity if you do it right.

Where is the best place to commit fitness? Outdoors. Other than that, right where you are.

7. Friendship

Do you organize the people in your life according to categories? If you do, you’re in the category category.

Do you have a good time until the political conventions start? Then you’re still in the category category.

8. Love

DG’s B&B believes in the power of love. It’s a curious thing. Make one man weep, make another man sing.

Change a hawk to a little white dove. More than a feeling, that’s the power of love.

Huey Lewis got it right that time.

Are eight points enough?


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