A Giant Step For My Kind

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September 10, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Dear Bloggers and Blog Readers,

Recently I enrolled in a class to learn how to make money blogging.

Better, Smarter, Richer puts me in the room with a woman who knows what’s up. And she shares what she’s doing.

Most often a guru is like the Japanese leader in WWII. You believe they are there, but the uncertainty never leaves. Jackie Peterson is a leader who teaches leadership by example. She’s make a plan for work, and works her plan.

When I told her I was terror stricken to start a new blog, she gave me five minutes to find a corner to stand in and shake, then get with it.

New Blog?

I’ve registered the name boomerpdx.com and joined Blue Host. Why? Because I’m a wordpress.com guy with deegeesbb and wordpress.org lists bluehost as their #1 hosting site.

After reading reviews and ratings it seemed like the right step.

After cruising online I found a $3.95 deal instead of $4.95. So far so good, right?

The Details

Like other hosting companies, bluehost has a series of pre-checked boxes on their signup page. I left them checked and bought three years of hosting. The final bill: over $200.

So far it still feels like a deal.


I can sign into the bluehost cPanel page and download wordpress. I haven’t done it yet because it feels like I need another five minutes in the corner shaking in fear first.

After the wordpress.org download I’ll buy the Genesis framework with a studiopress child theme optimized for all the good things an online experience offers without the problems associated with a know-it-all do it yourselfer like me.


My goal is to avoid double charges and redundancy in services. Pretty ambitious? With a line-up of bluehost, wordpress, Genesis, and studiopress, what could go wrong?

(if you know what will go wrong, send an alert.)

I’d also like avoid getting smoked by any further changes in the google search algorithm. I don’t want to get sideways with penguin or panda, or get scanned as a content farm.

Why boomerpdx?

You’ve heard of the baby boom? Here’s a quick explanation: The Greatest Generation went into WWII to save the planet from the likes of Hitler and Tojo. Both of them had weird ideas on how to handle large populations. From death camps to death marches, any policy disagreements with the German or Japanese rulers in the 1930’s and 40’s came with a steep price.

WWII has come to be known as the last Good War. How good it was for the fifty million dead left in the wake is up for debate, but chances are good that number would double if the world was ruled by the Hitlers and Tojos on the scene.

My take on why it is called the last Good War has to do with where it was fought, at least on European front. American soldiers entered England, Italy, France, Germany, and everywhere else in between. They found a Europe in turmoil with the men at war and the women at home for the American occupation.

Make a list of the most beautiful women from the warring nations and you’ll have a line-up suited for a Miss Universe contest. The Americans saw these sophisticated ladies and their eyes dropped out. Imagine young Jed just off the farm dating a Sophia Loren look-a-like and bringing a present of nylons, cigarettes, chocolate, or all three.

Jed would never be the same.

While upholding the highest moral standards, Jed came home with visions of beauty. He found the right girl for him, got married, got a job, went to school, and started the baby boom. They knew what they wanted and they wanted it right away.

Seventy-eight million babies later, the boom ended in 1964.

Whether you lived on a hippie commune, hitchhiked to Woodstock, or missed the whole social upheaval of the times, we live in a Boomer World.

Boomerpdx will work to make a better world for boomers and those who wonder why they’re still around making noise. It feels like a noble cause.

Do you have any tales from the boomer side of life?

(PS: Thanks to the new readers who joined deegeesbb. It makes a difference to me when that happens.)


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