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  1. Out Of Control, Or Out Of Excuses

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    May 24, 2012 by David Gillaspie

    Sports fans around the world know the difference. Do you? A local businessman explained ‘trying’ and ‘doing.’ “I told my …
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  2. The Friendship Hold,


    January 16, 2012 by David Gillaspie

    or, Why wrestlers make the best friends. Take a closer look at the people around you. Can you count on …
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  3. The Good Wrestler


    January 5, 2010 by David Gillaspie

    Christmas vacation practice sets the tone for the rest of the year.  All the drills, wrestling, and running make you special.  …
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  4. Wrestling Powers

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    November 17, 2009 by David Gillaspie

    IT ALWAYS MATTERS The man in the hospital bed was not the man who gave his step-daughter to me at our wedding.  The …
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  5. Happy Camp

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    November 13, 2009 by David Gillaspie

    WHEN ONE ISN’T ENOUGH The best sports fans are former youth coaches.  Not to go all Charles Dickens, but the …
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  6. Wrench Your Gut

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    November 4, 2009 by David Gillaspie

    DOING YOUR PART Winning cures most things in sports.  If you feel bad, you feel better with a win.  You’re better looking; …
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