Boomer Theory Of Presidential Elections


August 29, 2012 by David Gillaspie


From horses to dogs to jumping frogs, handicapping a race is a job for experts. The same goes for political races, listen to the experts.

No such animal lives at DG’s B&B, but if you find yourself searching for an angle, an insight, or a hunch on the Presidential election of 2012, you could do worse than keep reading.

The party who knows the score before the election shows their hand.

  • Nixon in ’72 vs McGovern/Eagleton = landslide win and Watergate.
  • Reagan in ’84 vs Mondale/Ferraro = landslide win and Irangate and Iraqgate.
  • Obama in ’08 vs McCain/Palin = win, though not the landslide or the ?gate.
  • Obama in ’12 vs Romney/Ryan = win or landslide win?

Elections aren’t won by putting guys with mental problems or impressive women with separate agendas on the ticket. And not won by inviting a Bush-lite Catholic guy to run on the ticket. JFK didn’t take any chances with his vice.

Republicans have better people, but where are they? Nixon had Agnew. Reagan had a former CIA chief. Bush II had a Haliburton chief.

Tough men sat a heartbeat away from the presidency in those days.

From wiki, Nixon defended Agnew by saying, “”No assassin in his right mind would kill me” because they would get Agnew (as President).”

The late Richard Nixon deserves a big thank-you for that. It didn’t help that Agnew resigned his Vice Presidency and got raked over the coals later for tax evasion and bribes that followed from his time as governor of Maryland.

At least Reagan had a guy with enough leg to run and win the Presidency once, but not enough for the deuce. This comment surfaced after President Bush attended an official Japanese political dinner and vomited on the prime minister,

“He wasn’t sick with the flu like he said. He was courting the college vote.”

Vice President Richard Cheney took a different tact with his very own President Bush years later. VP Cheney asked for a last ditch pardon for his former adviser Scooter Libby who was convicted of a felony for actions that exposed CIA employee/agent/official Valerie Plame.

With no pardon on his last day in office, Mr. Cheney ended his term in a wheelchair, saying he hurt his back moving furniture. What’s a man with five heart attacks, and later a heart transplant, doing moving furniture? Being The Man, what else?

Why didn’t Mr. Cheney organize his own presidential campaign, win the 2008 election, then pardon Scooter? Like he said about his lack of service during Vietnam, he probably had more important things to do.

Today, Romney needs a better choice than a Dan Quayle stand-in. He’s running against the incumbent Obama and Joe Biden, not Mike Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen. If President Obama and his second are the badasses their opponents say they are, then Romney needs a heavy hitter. He needs his own Cheney.

Why Cheney? He’s the man who headed the search team to find a suitable VP for Bush The Younger. At the end of the search process Cheney found himself. That’s the sort of ingenuity Romney needs if he wants to win badly enough.

Short of that, how about a real race with real candidates instead of a positioning exercise for the next campaign cycle?

If not, Obama wins in a landslide that will make the embarrassing losses in the past look contested.

Talk to your experts and report back with those findings.


3 thoughts on “Boomer Theory Of Presidential Elections

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    • David Gillaspie says:

      Thanks for the link. Go to the URL on this comment for a nice take on the Chinese president-in-waiting. Foreign political intrigue.

  2. Ezra Conley says:

    President Clinton did a good job as a president where he accomplished what he promised at least most of it. Promised to expand trade and be a new kind of Democrat, fleeting a free trade deal with Mexico and then later with China. He promised to put 100,000 cops on the street and cut crime. Indeed the crime rates the lowest in 30 years. He accomplished every decisive juncture except health care where he mentioned national health insurance.

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