The Ultimate Ultra Enduro

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August 6, 2012 by David Gillaspie


Allow me a moment to share with you my deepest respect for the sanctity of clean competition.

We all deserve an even playing field.

We want others to know it’s all about sports, not them. Giving and taking a beat down is not personal.

This is how traditions are built. Good sportsmanship is a custom to pass along.

It’s a little different when it’s Death Race House Remodel where one contestant grinds through one task after another while the other threatens to call professionals if it’s not done fast enough.

Fairness? Rules? Or Get It Done!

Okay, it’s not really like that, but that was my motivation in a recent project.

I called my shot. I set a date, a finish date.

The opponent scoffed at the possibility of hitting that mark.

Did I listen?

Not while I stripped the floor with a bucking belt sander.

Did I breathe a sigh of relief at any time?

Not while I painted every room and ceiling.

Did I finish what I started?

Yes, I did. With a hell hound on my tail I did it until it got done. I stayed up and worked on the house until I started making mistakes, little mistakes to fix the next day.

After the longest hours I can remember, something like double weekend shifts in a sawmill, I started another project.

It’s another UUER (Ultimate Ultra Enduro Race.) It’ll take saws and nail guns and lumber. Levels and squares come into play. Sound like fun yet? It’ll be outside in 100 degree heat, but in the shade.

It is a solution to a problem, not a problem. And it’s not complicated. What it is is a threat. See, this project didn’t get vetted through the usual channels. This deck expansion is unauthorized and subject to harsh review.

How harsh?

“I have a list of things to follow through on. Starting this is not on it.”

“The deck is fine. You need help.”

“Where did this wood come from?”

“This doesn’t need to happen. You have other things to do.”

These are the slings and arrows that fill our journey. Some bounce off, some stick in deep.

At the end of the day you must answer one question for what you’ve done.

Was it worth it?

If it is, keep doing it.

If it’s not, get smarter and do it better.


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