Life, It’s Real Self


July 29, 2012 by David Gillaspie

A facebook friend posted a quote about doing something you know could never be repaid.

I liked the idea, but really, what is that all about? It’s not about donating an organ, or adopting your buddy’s kids while they travel to the ends of the earth.

What can you do for someone they could never repay?

  • Tell them the truth when they ask a question you could easily let slide.

If they ask you if you think they are fat, tell them to look at their belt. If the holes are stretched out on the long side, they are fat and getting fatter. You don’t need to tell them, but you might wonder why they ask a question they know the answer to.

  • Loan them your stuff without questions.

If they ask to borrow a tool, or a machine, don’t pretend you can’t find it, or it’s broken. Be a pal, even if they’ve turned your requests down. You already know they won’t return the favor.

  • Take them to the airport.

This one is like loaning a tool or machine, except now you’re loaning your time. You never get that back, but make the effort anyway. If you’ve asked for their time and been rejected, don’t let their act determine yours. You’re better than that.

  • If you have accomplished more in a field someone else struggles with, don’t rub it in. Eventually you will find yourself equals. Is it right? Is it fair? That’s not the point. Right and fair belong in a court of law, and you’ve seen how that works out.

People around you say things you know aren’t true. Why jump up with indignation? What are you, the final judge?

Join the fun and add your own brand of bull. If others call you out, that’s their problem, not yours.

The song writer Paul Simon wrote that he’d rather be a hammer than a nail. He’s a little guy. He’d be more of a tack or a brad than a nail. No one called out his shortness. They were better than that, and so is Paul Simon. He’s a giant in music with Simon and Garfunkel, and on his own.

How about you? Are you a giant in some way? If not, start with leaning kindness, how to be kind. It’s one of the hardest acts to follow, an act of kindness, and one of the most memorable. If you’re remembered for kindness when anything else would have worked, then you’re on the right track.

And you’ve made a mark you can live with, one you can build on.

That’s a life you can live with happiness. Those are the people you remember, and you can be one, too.

So how about it, what have you done for someone that can never be repaid?


One thought on “Life, It’s Real Self

  1. Garry says:

    Very well said,i like it . Thats good stuff Dave!!!!!!!!

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