701 In The Write House


July 8, 2012 by David Gillaspie

There ought to be a season for online writers with healthy followings to do THE post.

Call it the long farewell. Or the short. Either way it feels like the parents who make you choose one or the other in a divorce threat, then they don’t get divorced.

The rest of your life you feel like a traitor to the one you didn’t pick.

Writers who don’t consider themselves writers, but write enough to think someone would care if they stopped, write the ‘I’m stopping’ post and you end up feeling like a traitor again.

You care enough to read them, but not enough to tell them you care.

Or maybe they’re an easy read and you’ve got the reading habit. Telling a writer you’ll miss them if they stop posting isn’t sucking up. If reading their posts is part of your day, let ’em know.

One writer encouraging another won’t crowd the market. One writer packing it in also doesn’t mean a better chance for your success.

During an interview a writer was asked if they thought college discourages students from becoming students. Her answer?

“Not enough.”

If you are a writer, then write and get better. If you’re a writer who doesn’t write, keep saying you’re a writer. Every circle of friends needs someone they can point to and say,”That’s writer who’s working hard” while you tip another pounder.

“She’s probably figuring a way to work this party into her writing project.”

“Which project?”

Her novel, or screenplay, or short story, play, or poem.

Pick one and hit it hard. Here’s a starting prompt that gets things rolling:

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of time…”

Too much Dickens? Then try this:

“Every happy family is the same, but unhappy families are miserable in their own way.”

Too much Tolstoy?

Mash them together and go from there.


2 thoughts on “701 In The Write House

  1. markmmullins says:

    So, in your situation, did you feel like a traitor or did you transcend the part where you picked one parent over another? I think about that with my kids, too. Nice piece, Dave.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      I picked them both. Worked out good. And it still works when I tell one kid they’re my favorite, just like the other one. Relationships are only as difficult as you need them to be.

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