D-Day, 2012?

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June 6, 2012 by David Gillaspie

June 6, 1944

They launched the assault on Festung Europa from England.

Nurses in English hospitals said their patients were evacuated a week earlier, but they didn’t know why.

After June 6 the hospitals filled up with guys from the beaches.

A seventeen year old girl from southern England joined the WRNS (Women’s Royal Naval Service) and traveled north on blacked-out trains for schooling as a signaler.

The young women, the nurse and the signaler, are the same age as the Queen. They are her people, and she is theirs.

Are today’s young people in the military up to the standards of the Greatest Generation?

Yes. They do the difficult right away; the impossible takes a little longer.

The traditions live on. Ask a ninety year old what it was like knowing their peers were running directly into machine gun fire.

Just be careful, they might tell you.

Then write a letter to your local paper if they didn’t note the day.


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