Streamlined or Redlined

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May 25, 2012 by David Gillaspie

If you look in the mirror too much you start thinking about change.


Maybe a change is overdue.

One bad haircut later all you can think is ‘What have I done?’

It’s the same with blogging, or at least this blog. Yesterday I changed a few things. Small things, really, with the idea of streamlining the look and helping navigation.

Apparently I streamlined my way out of the organic traffic lane on google. While that wasn’t the goal, DG’s B&B turned off the info super highway to a rest stop. And like a fat man with a spastic bladder, the results are less than productive.

As a non-techie tech fan I notice the moves google makes through subscription to and When google changes their search criteria, expect changes in traffic. The intent from google was highlighting original content instead of content farms, or aggregate sites.

With that happy news, DG’s B&B ought to have streams of visitors since I’m a one man show. Surprisingly enough, that’s not the case.

If you get a bad haircut, the choices are simple: hat, wig, or shave your head bald. Except for the last option, you’re on the clock and after two weeks your hair grows from bad haircut to bad hair day to comments like ‘at least it’s not a mullet.’

For bloggers who screw around with their site using sheep shears instead of something more delicate and precise there’s only one question when traffic drops: How do like it now?

Where’s my wig-hat.


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