Hump Stump 5, The Finals


May 23, 2012 by David Gillaspie

The Hump Day Stumper Trivia Night came to a close at Beaverton’s Copper Monkey. After five installments it was time to pull the plug.

The learning experience was awesome. How often do you get the chance to work a room with a wireless mic? Where do you find a captive audience to field test audio recognition?

Doing a game show once a week from set-up to tear down as well as researching the material puts every game show ever broadcast on television into a new context.

What does it take to succeed? The same as everything, have a good idea and make it better.

After this short stint, my new game show will be different, maybe get away from the concept of adult education.

One side note: Tonight had a section on war. One guy working his laptop perked up when I started those question. He asked how he was supposed to answer, so I got him a pad and pen and explained the routine.

He knew his war, just not well enough to sweep the category. He missed quite a few after that also, but he hung in. A group at the bar stuck around for the whole game and won a prize.

Game people are fun people, even when the trivia subjects are not so fun. These are the final questions:



1. President Kennedy went to Dallas, Texas where he died. Who killed him?

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

2. Where did Kennedy’s assassin shoot from?

  • A book depository

3. Where did Kennedy’s assassin learn to shoot?

  • Marine Corps

4. Who killed Kennedy’s assassin?

  • Jack Ruby

5. Where did Kennedy’s assassin die?

  • In the basement of Dallas police headquarters on way to the county jail

6. Name President Kennedy’s assassinated brother.

  • Robert Kennedy.

7. Who killed JFK’s brother?

  • Sirhan Sirhan, Jordanian


1. Lizzy Borden to an ax and gave her father forty whacks. What did she give her mother?

  • 41

2. Mass murderer Ted Bundy attended two colleges in the state of Washington. Name one.

  • UW and University of Puget Sound

3. What did killer Gary Gilmore say to his robbery victim in Utah?

  • Give me your money and your life.

4. How did Gary Gilmore die?

  • Firing squad

5. What were Gilmore’s last words?

  • Let’s do it

6. Where did David Berkowitz ‘Son of Sam’ murderer get his instructions?

  • From his neighbor’s dog barking.

7. What was the weapon Berkowitz used?

  • A Charter Arms Bulldog .44


1. Which former 2X heavy weight champion kidnapped his wife and five kids. (He trained in Bend for fights)

  • Riddick Bowe

2. Name the beer barron who was killed in a kidnapping attempt

  • Adolph Coors III, killed by an escaped murdered

3. John Paul Getty III was the kidnapped grandson of the world’s richest man. What convinced grandpa to pay the ransom?

  • Kidnappers cut off an ear and sent it to a newspaper.

4. Old Blue Eyes son was kidnapped and ransomed. What was his name?

  • Frank Sinatra, Jr.

5. The infant son of Charles Lindbergh, the most famous man in America was kidnapped from their home. Was he found dead or alive?

  • Dead

6. Kidnappers snatched the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst. What did she do to her kidnappers?

  • She joined them

7. Who wrote the famous novel Kidnapped?

  • Robert Louis Stevenson


1. The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was between which nations?

  • France and North Vietnam

2. The Battle of the Bulge was between which two nations?

  • US and Germany

3. Germany, Japan, and Italy joined together in WWII. What were they known as?

  • The Axis Powers, or Axis

4. The Korean War was between the North and the South. Two nations supported the North. Name one.

  • China and USSR

5. Assassins killed Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Which war did the event start?

  • WWI

6. What is America’s longest war, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, or Afghanistan?

  • Vietnam from Nov. 1, 1955 with the Military Assistance and Advisory Group

7. According to singer Edwin Starr in the song War, what is it good for?

  • Absolutely Nothin’


1. Name the winner of Jim Rome’s Smack-Off.

  • Chael Sonnen

2. What is the top movie at the box office this past week?

  • Marvel’s The Avengers

3. Who is the winner on Dancing With The Stars?

  • Green Bay’s Donald Driver

4. Who is the only person to win the NBA MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year?

  • Larry Bird

5. The Queen of Disco died last week. What is her real name?

Donna Summer

6. From The Big Bang Theory, one of the stars came out with a new revelation. What is it?

  • Jim Parsons says he is gay. What about his character Sheldon Cooper?

7. Where are the Oregon Duck baseball team ranked this week?

  • #5. Top five unchanged

2 thoughts on “Hump Stump 5, The Finals

  1. rob says:

    Well, with the exception of the miscellaneous catagory the concept of death and destruction permeated your final Hump Day Stumper Trivia Night….that somehow seemed appropriate. Tying the Ducks baseball sterling season as the final question among so much death and destruction may not have been your best choice, none the less kudos on this element of your blog! I’m sorry to see it end but then you know what they say……..

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Good catch, Rob. Assassination was a player’s choice so I took it from there. What goes better with assassination than murder, kidnapping, and war? And since the baseball Ducks are killing it…?

      Here’s the odd thing, I did the subjects before I knew the show was ending. Worked out in a serendipitous sort of way, which works for me.

      The winning score was 27.

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