Hump Stump 4

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May 17, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Every Wednesday for a month the Hump Day Stumper Trivia Series has played at Beaverton’s Copper Monkey.

I wrote the questions, set up the gig, and handled the hosting. And it’s fun.

After this, it’s all changed. My assistant is leaving her station so I asked for volunteers last night.

One hand went straight up. Not only will my new volunteer keep score, he will also help with the questions.

He’s a family friend of the kids, he’s smart, and he frees up his girlfriend to win the games by herself, or join a super team.

With Charlie on the job, Hump Day Stumpers will reach new heights. Bigger prizes and better competition are in the making.

Last night’s Q and A:


Oregon Sports News

1. Jack Cluth writing on sends in this question:

Which team defeated the Queens Park Rangers for the English Premier League title, Man U or Manchester City?

Manchester City

2. According to one writer, what is the most important commitment an athlete can make.

To themselves

3. Name two heat related illnesses mentioned by Amy Rutherford-Close.

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion

4. Which NBA team does Garret Thornton suggest Blazers fans should root for in the west?

The Lakers

5. The Ed Chynoweth Memorial Cup is the championship trophy for which hockey league?

Western Hockey League

6. Jason Hartzog calls which injury the most relevant in the NFL?


7. Oregon Sports News columns are reprinted on oregonlive. Name one of the two newspapers oregonlive serves?

Oregonian and Hillsboro Argus

Miscellaneous Oregon Trivia

1. The Portland Art Museum sits across the South Park Blocks from which museum?

Oregon Historical Society

2. Portland State University originated in which city.


3. Lewis and Clark College sits on the former property of which family from the old Meier and Frank Company?

The Lloyd Frank family

4. True or false: the east side of Portland was once a separate city?


5. If you fish the deep holes near the base of Portland bridges, which fish are you angling for?


6. Which Oregon city had it’s downtown blown up by a dynamite accident?

Roseburg, August 7, 1959

7. Men drinking near the waterfront would get their drinks spiked and wake up on a ship at sea. What was that process called?

They were Shanghaied

Sunny In Philadelphia

1. Which of the main actors was born in Philadelphia?

Rob McElhenney

2. Which of the characters attended the University of Pennsylvania?

Dennis Reynolds, minored in psych, and Sweet Dee psych major

3. One character is described as an abortion survivor. Who is it?


4. What part of town is Paddy’s Pub in?

South Philly

5. Danny DeVito played in a movie filmed in Oregon from a novel written by an Oregonian. Which novel?

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, as Martini

6. Which episode became a musical that played in six cities?

The Nightman Cometh

7. Name three of the four major league teams in Philadelphia

Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, 76ers

Measurement Trivia

1. It takes two to make a quart. What is it?

A pint

2. How many miles do you cover in a 10K run?


3. If someone gives you six bits for change out of a dollar, how much money have you spent?

25 cents

4. How long is the metric mile?

1500 meters

5. How many laps around the track is a 400 meter race?


6. What is earth’s circumference rounded up to the nearest 1000?

25,000 miles, 24901.55 miles

7. Name the latitude line halfway between the equator and the North Pole

the 45th Parallel

Current Trivia

1. From espn: Who was just named NBA executive of the year?

Larry Bird, also MVP and Coach of the year.

2. From Sports Illustrated: what wedding day apparel recently broke a Guinness World Record?

Wedding dress train, more than 9000 feet long

3. The Oregonians John Canzano nominated which Portlander to buy the Blazers if Paul Allen sells the team?

Merritt Paulson

4. From Fan Nation: Former Jet QB Joe Namath went public with his pick as best Jet quarterback for next year. Who is it?

Mark Sanchez

5. From Name one of the super-foods for women.

Salmon, blue berries, oats, broccoli, walnuts, avocados, red beans, Greek yogurt, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, organic milk, raisins, sweet potatoes

6. Which current college coach ran both Larry Bird and Red Auerbach out of Boston while he coached there?

Rick Pitino as Celtic President, Director of Basketball Operations, and head coach.

7. From What is the Oregon Duck baseball team ranking in the NCAA?


The winning score ended in a tie at 25. The tie-breaker question was “What year was the Lewis and Clark Exposition, not the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Two different things.

The answer: 1905.

Congratulations to team D3, and to Liter of Cola for making it a game.

See you next week.

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