One Picture = 1000 Words


May 15, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Two Pictures = ?

Two pictures deserve their place in DG’s B&B. These are two images you never see, or don’t often see.

In one I hold the NBA championship trophy, the O’Brien. And no, I’m not kissing it or hugging it or passing it around. There’s no crying or cigar smoking or jumping up on the scorer’s table.

Just me and the O’Brien together.

How many chances do you get to see the top prize, let alone touch it? I need that picture.

The second image is me holding the Magna Carta. Okay, I hear you asking, “The real Magna Carta?”

The correct answer is, “Yes, one of the real ones.”

It’s the one with the tea stains. An English conservator accidentally tipped his cup over while he was cleaning one of the most important documents in human history.

Anyway, those are the pictures I need to break the anti-image barrier. I would add an autographed shot of Super Bowl MVP Roger Staubach, but there’s little hope in finding that one. The other two are only buried. I’ll dig them up.

Roger got recycled with the newspapers during a tidying up session.

All clean now.


4 thoughts on “One Picture = 1000 Words

  1. rob says:

    It appears you are leaving out pictures of the many (999 out of 1,000 to be exact) victories I have in one on one basketball over the author of DEEGEE’s B&B, that being you. Virtually unimaginable that those would fail to make your “top pictures” list. Instead you include a basketball trophy which is not ours and an old tea-stained document? Odd…….

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Oh it hurts when I laugh so hard thinking about the one and only true trophy of our decades of one on one basketball.

      (Channeling Keith Jackson)

      “Like the Washington Generals facing the Harlem Globetrotters, defeat from the beginning of each game was all but assured. 999 times in the past it was true, but hope burns eternal in the heart of the true champion.

      “On the 1000th and final game of the monumental series, the tide turned. The victor, in obvious shock from the multiple elbows that pre-dated anything World Meta Peace could dream of, carried the golden fleece off the field of battle, which at the time was a neon green Oregon hoodie at a SE Portland middle school court.”

      • rob says:

        An interesting rendition of the past, albeit convenient and self-serving. While the hoodie was indeed neon green it was not a trophy, just simple theft. As to the 1000th and final game being the only victory, partial truth. Indeed there was only one win as to it being the final game, that’s a Hollywood ending. Cute, inspiring, and fictitious. It does however read very well.

        • David Gillaspie says:

          Jack Friday said, “The facts, ma’am, just the facts.”

          Paul Harvey said,”And now, the rest of the story.”

          Darth Vader says, “Luke, I am your father.”

          DG’S B&B says, “Who’s your daddy?”

          He’s the one in the neon green hoodie giving Meadow Lark Lemon a dribbling lesson in the driveway.

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