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April 30, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Most professional blog sites agree on word length.

Make a post between 350-500 words.

I post with a longer count. If it goes 800 words it’s because I feel readers of DG’s B&B are twice as smart as the standard blog reader.

You’ve noticed nothing here that starts with, “I haven’t posted in a while.” Or, “How long has it been since my last post?”

I skip those introductions because you know what’s up.

You’ll also notice nothing about “my meandering mind” or my “random thoughts” or “just because.”


If you subscribe, or just land here, I want to get your undivided attention as long as I can. You may meander through your random thoughts just because, and you should. If you’re taking time to actually read, you deserve the best writing I’ve got.

It’s only fair.

If you have an idea for a story that fits into the general structure of DG’s B&B, leave a comment. If you find a story here that doesn’t fit into the framework, say why.

Quite a few recent posts say ‘also posted on’ That’s because I’m giving my material more work. Other writers on the sports site are a fun read. Give them a look.

One big Thank-You for signing up with DG’s B&B. You’re a good group and you make this place better. It’s not all me.

Since I’ve been able to see where in the wide world my readers come from, I’m troubled none come from China. Not one. That is one tight firewall. If you go to China, remind folks that every blog is not a call for revolution, but it’s a start.

Keep calm, and carry on,



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