Hump Day Stumpers, Pt. 1

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April 30, 2012 by David Gillaspie

This is the set of questions from last week’s Oregon Sports News quiz game at the Copper Monkey. Now you know. It’s not about going one-up, or putting your best foot forward. It’s about showing up and having a great time.

So show up and have a great time.


Oregon Sports Trivia

1. Where did Coach Chip Kelley coach before Oregon.

2. What industry is associated with the Autzens of Autzen Stadium.

3. What was Phil Knight’s company name before Nike

4. Who is ranked higher in baseball, Oregon or Oregon State.

5.. Who are the Winter Hawks playing now.

6. Which team is older, the Beaverton Beavers or Oregon State Beavers.

7. Where did Steve Prefontaine go to high school.

Local History Trivia

1. What number street would Portland’s Broadway be if it were numbered.

2. What is Mt. Hood named after.

3. The Columbia River was named after a ship. What was the Captain’s name.

4. Name one volcano in the Portland city limits.

5. What year did Mt. St. Helens erupt

6. Name the two biggest hammered copper statues in the world.

7. What part of Portland was the 1905 Lewis and Clark Expo held

World Trivia

1. The real size of a 2 X 4.

2. Name the largest land mass nation in the world.

3. What are the seven summits

4. Name the deepest place in the oceans

5. Which direction does a Kansas tornado spin

6. Earth orbits between which two planets in the solar system.

7. What is an archipelago

Blazer Trivia

1. Name the point gurad on the Blazer Championship team

2. Which two coaches guided both the Blazers and the Sonics

3. From North Eugene, to Boston, to the Blazers, he brought his A-game. Who is he

4. Name the Blazer mascot

5. Which part of Portland is the Rose Garden in

6. Who is the original voice of the Blazers

7. Who started at center on Blazer’s Finals teams

Sports Trivia

1. Baseball has an Iron Man. What does it mean?

2. Name one Argentinian soccer player

3. Which team won the first two Super Bowls.

4. How many bases do you have to touch for a home run.

5. Who has won more consecutive titles, UCLA men’s basketball, Iowa wrestling, or the New York Yankees

6. Name the White Sox pitcher who just threw a perfect game against Seattle

7. Which four Olympic sports do you win by going backward


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