DG’s B&B Around The World And Oregon


March 15, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Bridging The Distance.

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon

A glance in the guest book shows DG’s B&B draws visitors from across America and big parts of the world.

From Ireland, Georgia, the Republic and the state, to Great Britain, visitors stream in. From Macedonia, Argentina, Belgium, and Canada, guests unload their bags in comfort and class.

A big thanks to new friends from Singapore, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. Take a good look around.

Travelers come from Moldova, Egypt, Israel, and Italy. Spain, Brazil, and Kuwait are in the house. Denmark, Republic of Korea, and Tunisia stopped by. Germany, Venezuela, and Indonesia give a shout out.

Feeling good when France and Australia and Turkey take time to say hello. New friends from Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and Mongolia checked in. Sweden, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands signed the book. Malaysia, Finland and Norway rang the bell.

A happy face beams when Russia, New Zealand, Tunisia, Greece, the Philippines, and Croatia, say hello. Montenegro, Colombia, India, and Pakistan find a welcome here. To Taiwan, Mexico, and the Bahamas, and Switzerland, great to see you. Jamaica, Japan and Portugal are bringing it.


With so many nations at the door, still no China. DG’s B&B is an open house with no push back. Safe travels is the motto.

Even without China, it is an honor to hear and be heard in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. No word from Antarctica or the Arctic, but I’m sure they’re on the way.

When you open the door to DG’s B&B you can expect certain things:

  • Opinions and conversation aimed at your better self without the usual overtones. Think of it as good food and a nice room without the worry of poisoning, bedbugs, or a diatribe.
  • A view on sports to compare with competitions in your native lands. You have wrestlers in your country? Go see a match. Other sports follow in line. What are some of yours?
  • Fairness and equality to all, except those who refuse to leave their troubles behind. They get a gentle boot to their behind until they relax.
  • A chance to see the workings of an American writer who enjoys your company; time with an Oregonian who chose Oregon as the best place to call home the same way you’ve chosen your home, or will choose your home.

While we love visitors to DG’s B&B, there’s an outside chance some of you showed up looking for more than a safe reading spot. Maybe you came with the idea of booking a room?

While I’ve got virtual space for everyone, I did find a sweet BB&B with you in mind; a Bookstore, Bed, and Breakfast in Newport, Oregon.

A very nice surprise in Newport

From my adventures in English Beds and Breakfasts, the front door is the right size to remind you of home.

6’3″ and ducking through an authentic size door.

THE TEA PARTY, English Boarding Rooms in Nye Beach does it the right way. They start with a friendly welcome.

A nice couple to share travel stories and books with.

From their brochure: “Come and stay with us in our well appointed English Tudor style rooms and go back in time at the sea. Our rooms each come with their own private bathrooms, wireless internet, dish TV, a sunny solarium

A sunny solarium on a cloudy day

and living area to enjoy.

A common living space to meet the neighbors

Walk to the beach,

Just down the street to the beach

restaurants, live entertainment, art galleries, wind tasting, shopping, live music and much more. Each stay comes with an English Country Breakfast.”

English Boarding Rooms 716 NW Beach Dr. Newport, OR 97365, 541-574-0545

But there’s more.

Head over the bay bridge and take the first right. There you’ll find a new nation. You may want to apply for dual citizenship.

Where’s my passport

The customs and traditions of Rogue Nation are elegant. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

Not a bad one in the bunch

Even the wildlife joins the party.

Friendly Sea Lions say hello

Whether you come to DG’s B&B to gather new ideas, or seek a traditional B&B in Newport, thank you for taking time.

When you make your way to the coast, one of the treats you’ll find is a celebration of Oregon’s Ken Kesey. Look further, as Mr. Kesey advises everyone, and you’ll find Matt Love.

This is a good thing.

Be sure and leave comments and links to places you’d like other visitors from here to see. Remember to subscribe to DG’s B&B for all the latest. You may think you could do without it, but why take the chance.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


One thought on “DG’s B&B Around The World And Oregon

  1. David Gillaspie says:

    Do you live in one of the nations listed below? DG’s B&B is your neighbor.

    United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Mexico, Philippines, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia, India, Sweden, Spain, Israel , Poland, Malaysia, Taiwan.

    Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Georgia, Pakistan, Thailand, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, South Africa, Argentina, Turkey, Switzerland, Greece, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Norway, Romania, Malta, Singapore, Chile, Jamaica, Finland, Colombia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Kuwait, Armenia, Ukraine, Portugal, Bulgaria, Jordan, Austria , Saudi Arabia.

    Macedonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovenia, Bahamas, Venezuela, Panama, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Syrian Arab Republic, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Costa Rica.

    Mongolia, Tunisia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Ghana.

    After cruising through DG’s B&B, tell someone else; leave a note.

    Then join the subscribers while you’re here. Thanks.

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