Wrestling A Killer


February 17, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Read The Warning

A friend of DG’s B&B has been around the last few days after an unexplained absence.

His story is frightening.

“I had leg issues, if you want to know. Felt like they were on fire. My feet went numb. Turns out I had some blockage.

My doctor made the call. It wasn’t neuropathy, it was veins. He said he could operate, but not until he checked my heart for the same thing.

He asked if I smoked and I said no.

Asked if I’d ever smoked and I said yes.

Then he wanted to know how long and when I quit. Well, I quit thirty years ago after smoking a pack a day for twenty.

Was it hard quitting? My son said I’d never see my grand kids if I smoked, and my daughter in law was pregnant.

Now, that’s a hard thing to hear, hard to take. Would I quit so I could see my grand babies?

When my daughter in law went into labor, I had chest pains. I went to the hospital before she did. And stayed longer.

I came out a Grandpa after three days of no tobacco. That was it. Never smoked again.

Thirty years of not smoking cleared my lungs and stopped killing my heart.

What you don’t find out is the damage to your veins. It’s permanent. That’s blockage, what I got. Surgery is a leg by-pass. They cut way in there for the by-pass vessels.

Makes you wonder about the deep vein thrombosis. What if your leg tingles when you sit too long? Circulation through that smoker plaque.

What would I say today? I’m glad for good doctors. Yep, and don’t smoke. You ever hear that one? I’d be dead and not see my grand kids, or smoking and not see them. Now I see them all the time.

I got a few new scar lines after the last thirty years of not smoking. I just had twenty smoking years scraped out of my legs. Was it worth it? I’m back. I’ve done whatever it takes just to be here. That’s worth it.

I’m right here and glad for it, I can tell you that much.

So enough of that, what’s new with you?”


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