121st Think Tank, vol. 4: Jobs Summit


January 31, 2012 by David Gillaspie

Dedicated to those with no plans of moving under a bridge with a supply of Top Ramen and sterno.

The Man, The Maker, The Inspiration. Steve Jobs

DG’s B&B keeps watch on the job situation locally and nationally. When new findings are reported, the 121st Think Tank swings into action.

What follows is a panel discussion on the first steps of job hunting.

Phase One

Panelist #1:  Imagine you just got here and could do anything you wanted and make enough money to cover your nut.

Panelist #2:  My what?

1:  Expenses.

2:  Then why didn’t you say expenses?

1:  I did.

2:  You said nut. Make enough money to cover my nuts.

1:  When you say expenses, it sounds like school. When you say nut, it sounds like the street.

2:  Street? What street?

1:  Okay, look, let’s not get hung up. Replace nut with expenses.

2:  What about my mad money, my pocket change, my roll.

If you've got a song, he'll make it better

1:  Now we’re back. So you can have any job in the world and make enough money to do anything you want. What is that job? Where would you do it. Who is your role model?

2:  Now I get it. I would stay close to home. I like where I live and don’t see why moving would help if I can do it here.

1:  Great. So Portland, Oregon. And what would you do?

2:  I’d be in the music business. A producer, run a studio, open a school. Sponsor bands. That’s an expense.

1:  Who is your role model? Who is doing now what you would like to do.

2:  Rick Ruben. You heard of him?

1:  He did the last Johnny Cash albums.

2:  He’s done everything with everyone.

1:  Sounds like the right pick.

2:  He’s more than that. He finds things you want, but don’t look for.

Phase Two

1:  Good. Now moving to the second place and job.

2:  Another one?

1:  We’ll do five. Where is the second place you’d like to live, and what would you do?

2:  Seattle. And I’d be a financial planner.

1:  An investor?

2:  Except with other people’s money.

1:  Seattle’s a good pick for other people’s money. Bill Gates and Microsoft. Paul Allen and Vulcan. Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Boeing. Who is your role model.

2:  I don’t have one who is not a crook.

1:  What investor is the biggest crook? Bernie Madoff?

2:  Probably.

1:  If Bernie did it right, he’d be a good role model?

2:  I don’t know.

Phase Three

1:  Think about it. Let’s move to number three. Place, job, role model.

2:  I’ve got it. Northern California. And I’d be an entrepreneur.

1:  Do you mean Venture Capitalist? That’s a big deal in NoCal.

2:  Like the Stanford Summit.

1:  Who’s your role model?

2:  Steve Jobs. Who else?

Phase Four

1:  Place, job, role model.

2:  Los Angeles, small business, Bill Buhler.

1:  Okay, let’s move on.

2:  Wait. I don’t want to live in Los Angeles, but I speak Spanish, so that fits. A small business that had connections to the movie industry would be perfect. Maybe a brewery/restaurant. And Bill Buhler seems like he runs a great business at the Copper Monkey. He’s always working harder than anyone and having more fun.

1:  Would the Copper Monkey work in LA?

2:  You’ve been to the Copper Monkey and LA. What do you think?

1:  I like it better here, but it would be a draw down there with Lazer Port.

2:  One of my favorite places.

1:  Mine, too. Now number five?

Phase Five

The Master Blaster Joe Weider

2:  New York City. Gym owner. Joe Weider.

1:  New York?

2:  Big time, right? Though a gym would be better where people could show off their flex. Maybe a fitness salon with a gym. Get in some dance studio classes with power clean platforms.

1:  And Joe Weider?

2:  He’s the Godfather of the gym. More people lift weights because of him than anyone. He brought Arnold to America. He found Dave Draper. If you wanted to look anything like those guys, you know to go to Joe.

1:  What do these choices mean?

2:  If you want muscle, you’ve got to work for it.

1:  In terms of a job hunt.

2:  That you can’t always get what you want, but if try sometimes you get what you need?

1:  That’ll work, but there’s more.


When you think of a job, think of the whole job. Where does the start-up money come from? Who are the main people? What are the products? Who are the clients for these products and how do you reach them?

Then take your answers and combine the similarities. Are the places to work cities or smaller towns? Are the jobs part of a long learning curve? Are the role models around to talk to?

The 121st Think Tank at the Greenway Pub will address these questions in another installment.

Meeting adjourned.


6 thoughts on “121st Think Tank, vol. 4: Jobs Summit

  1. markmmullins says:

    Oklahoma City. FAA. Flight traffic controller

  2. markmmullins says:

    Why all west coast cities? And really, what do expenses have to do with my nuts. Funny blog Dave.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Think Tank 121 has a west coast bias based on the interviewee.

      The real question is: What are your five places, jobs, role models?

      You go, then I’ll go. It doesn’t have to be practical, just getting it down is enough.

      The process is to encourage recent college grads to look for work beyond their expectations, then take the steps needed to get there.

      My first: Paris. Playwrite. Jean-Paul Sartre.

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