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January 27, 2012 by David Gillaspie

How did it start? An insider’s look at a writing form.

Start here and load up

In the beginning, people talked to each other. Call it the oral tradition, all talk, no records.

Do you think explorers found an archive along with newly discovered tribesmen deep in the Amazon jungle? That’s not part of the ‘hunter-gatherer’  lifestyle.

Imagine you, spear in hand, asked by your tribe to bring dinner home. Do you stop by Dear Diary to record feelings about killing a jaguar, or find a tree to climb and wait for prey? If it’s the cannibal tribe, you have two choices, you either bring home dinner or you are dinner. The tribe talks about it.

Once people started lying, they started writing. If a big man makes a promise and breaks it, then lies about it, you may call him a liar and get your individual butt kicked. If you write it down, and show others the broken promise, you can hang him together.

The more people wrote, the more readers grew. Important writing became rules, guidelines, and laws.

Legends and myths, the cultural backdrop of western civilization, became fairy tales where they continue to hide. If you crash your boat, you can’t blame Neptune.

You can blame Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

From sheepskin, to paper, to the screen, from chisel, to pencil to keyboard, writers try and do two things. They either tell you what to do, or scare the crap out of you.  But, there are cross-overs.

That’s what this is, a cross-over. Neither law, nor lullaby, the blog comes forth like Athena springing full size out of Zeus‘ head. Most blogs have regular births, messy and noisy.

With luck, they behave decently. Nothing’s worse than making a favorable decision on a blog only to find a small section of the writing that makes you feel queasy. If it took a while to start questioning the content, the blogger is not doing their job. You should feel queasy from the beginning.

A blog isn’t a contract. All it takes is a decision to be a part of one. Or write one.

Starting a blog helps separate you from the Amazonian tribesmen and their oral tradition. blogs up in three clicks. Take a tournament and write a few paragraphs each. Limit the ‘graphs to three lines like a movie script. Don’t endanger white space.

Most wrestling parents take pictures and video. Keep a log of opponents and dates, and tournaments and pictures. Post them on a blog like this one. Now you’re a blogger.  It’s a digital scrap book to share online forever. Keep it private by using the correct button and the only people who’ll see it are the ones you want.

Do any wrestlers and their families blog together? Go ahead and start.

Do it for the Grandparents.


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