Ten days to the Rose Bowl that shook the Cheesehead World

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December 24, 2011 by David Gillaspie

Oregon Drops Wood On Badger

What's the difference between a Beaver Stater and a Badger stater, besides the coats and hats? Engineering.

Channeling KEITH jackson.

Reporting from the deck!

Within ten scant days the mighty Ducks of Oregon thunder out of the Great Northwest in a flurry meaner than a gassed up beehive.

Wisconsin to the left, Badger to the right, the gold and green will cinch them so tight they’ll wish they were anywhere else but the sunny California beaches full of man-thong devotees. But since they scheduled the game, the Ducks and Badgers will play.

Those who still doubt the championship quality football played in the PAC12 will see the future. They will witness an equal to the biggest games at the highest levels of collegiate sports, including the SEC. 

Yes, the SEC, where champions born and bred keep it all in the family and host the big party. They invited two of their own to the BCS Football Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers, the Bayou Bengals, the same team current Alabama national champ coach Nick Saban took to the 2003 title. They’ll kick it off in grand fashion full of more tension than a Honey Badger hamstring.  

Alabama v LSU?

In the Super Dome?

This is the same Super Dome where current LSU and 2007 National Champion Coach Les Miles won his title? It may be more home game than Oregon at Dallas in the first game of the season, but the Tigers will finish the same way they started. Then the Ducks have the honor of losing to the champs, which doesn’t explain USC, but it’s something.

First, The Grandaddy. 

It comes to this, the Big10-12 bringing a big red machine full of over-pumped, square-bodied thrashers not called Nebraska out to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.

The wily Badgers of Wisconsin bring a careful mix of speed and strength to apply to the slippery Ducks. With the sort of power that conquerors continents, these Badgers know how to move mountains.

Yet, the question remains, can a Badger fly? All year long, game to game, you’ve seen the Oregon defense tighten up into an all but imprenetrable debris-sifting screen, a veritable Badger trap designed to ground them and pound them and chase them to their den.

And here it comes.


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