Occupy Wrestling Resume


November 15, 2011 by David Gillaspie

by David Gillaspie


To help the world understand the foundation of society.

(Other sports train for speed, strength, and endurance with built-in excuses. Wrestling uses all three from the beginning: the speed of the attack, the strength to lift, and the endurance to do it over and over until your opponents break.

Either apply the lessons of wrestling, or sit in a tent in the mud between marching and chanting sessions.) 


World’s oldest sport.

Hardest sport ever invented.

All aspects of it used by all other sports.

(What is more difficult, catching a ball, kicking a ball, throwing a ball, or hanging onto Alexander Karelin in a clinch?

When you get a grip on a problem, a ball gets in the way; when a problem grips you, there’s never a ball around. Hunger and fear strike all at some point, a hunger for equality, a fear of  failure. Wrestling trains you to overcome.)


Strong world-wide presence.

Original Olympic sport.

College sport.

High school sport.

Youth sport.

(Wrestling crosses all age and gender lines. Take a baby’s toy away and they’ll fight to get it back with their baby moves. Tell a grade school girl that nice girl’s don’t wrestle and she’ll foot-sweep her opponents in a nice enough way.

Explain to high schoolers that one day they’ll encounter a situation with an angry person and they’ll find another reason to arm-drag.

People of all ages can take to the mat. Just make sure Cael Sanderson isn’t on the other side during another come back tour.)    


The first man to understand wrestling didn’t starve.

The first man to understand wrestling didn’t go without clothing.

The first man to understand wrestling got the best shelter.

The first audience for a wrestling match created sports betting.

The first wrestling team created training programs for their nation’s army.

(You can’t share what you don’t have. If food, clothing, and shelter are hoarded by an evil ruler, you wrestle it away. While you’re doing that, others project the odds of success. If you take your share, observers will learn your tactics.)


Learning a double leg takedown.

Learning a single leg.

Learning a head and arm throw.

Learning a belly to belly throw.

Learning a half nelson. 

Learning the arm bar.

(The foundation of society is built on wrestling. The cooperation needed to improve life for non-wrestler types depends on their respect, their knowledge that safety begins with self-protection. Abusive behavior needs a response, a bully needs a meaningful lesson to change.

A fair-minded wrestler in a leadership role knows how to mete out punishment and reward effort. A wrestler working for change is a person to watch. They will get their change, or show others a better way if they fail, as in ‘don’t try this, do this instead.’

When wrestlers, their families and friends and fans, occupy a space, you can sense a change. It’s the sort of feeling the rest of the world needs: prepare and execute within the established rules of conduct, rules that early man wrestled to create.

Keep that idea in mind when you read this: What if a man like Dan Gable during his time as an assistant coach had entered a locker room occupied by a man like college football’s Jerry Sandusky? When the rules don’t apply for one, it takes a better man to correct them. It takes a wrestler.)     


2 thoughts on “Occupy Wrestling Resume

  1. The world’s hardest and oldest sport, man alive you can say that again. Out of all the things I’ve accomplished and done in my lifetime, when people ask me, the proudest response I can ever give them is: “Wrestler”.

    • deegeesbb says:

      Thank you for coming in and commenting. We agree on wrestling, the hurdles and holes to jump over. If more people came from wrestling we’d have better decisions, or at least decisions we can understand better.

      When you combine the power of phyical strength with the mind-set of how to apply it, you win for life. You’ve got a strong web page.


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