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November 8, 2011 by David Gillaspie

To my subscribers: Some of you have been regulars at DG’s B&B for a while. Thank you for that.

You’ve seen some changes here and I want your opinion on the next one.

My plan is to move to on godaddy with the current theme, Structure.

Here are the questions:

1.  Is this the right theme, or appearance, to move with? If not, what needs to improve. Personally, the font is weird and gray and too small for my taste.

2.  Can you find your way around deegeesbb? Some of the lists repeat from the header to the sidebars, but go away on the post view.

3.  Do you have examples of the best blog pages you’ve seen? If so, please leave a link and I’ll take a look.

Moving from the free format to the self-hosting paid format is a big move, one I’d like to get right the first time.

If you have some useful insights, please leave a note in comments. That way I’ll have someone else to blame when it goes wrong.

No pressure.

The idea of moving up came after recording 100,000 hits, getting published in the Oregonian, and a few other things in the process. Most of all, it’s time.

Make that past time.

The origins of deegeesbb started with the idea of creating theme rooms, or identifiable areas to post on a variety of subjects. The blog rule is pick a niche and hammer it, but with each room as a niche, I can avoid creating many blogs.

Feeding other blogs content takes away from the main focus of deegeesbb. My  takes Oregon history to a better place, if you think a one click resource is better than getting lost in a maze page. does the same with University of Oregon football. Both blogs would find a room in the new

Subscribers to deegeesbb are loyal and smart. Any advice you have to offer will make a difference in the new blog.

To the rest of the blogosphere: Keep it up. This is the third rail of writing when you get it down, the power and the fury.

When one of my favorite writers says his blog readers inspire him, you have to believe.


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