When The Occupation Knocks: 10 Reasons To Answer

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October 17, 2011 by David Gillaspie

1932 Bonus Army Marching On DC Before Getting Bulldozed

1.  The confusion of whether or not a citizen can ‘occupy’ their own country needs to end. Choose another word. The Nazis occupied France. America is not France and the Occupy group are not Germans.

Are the Occupy people:

A. Squatters

B. Trespassers

C. Citizens fighting the power

D. You and I if we had a pair

2.  If you show the world your committment by camping out, then be a good camper.

You should:

A. Take only pictures

B. Kill only time

C. Leave only footprints

D. All of the above

3.  Inner-city camping is difficult at best.

You pillow should be:

A. The curb

B. A bag of rats

C. Your shoes

D. The fluffy pillow your mom packed

4.  When you leave for the Occupation, you need the right gear.

Find it at:

A. Dick’s Sporting


C. Goodwill

D. The campsite next to yours

5.  When nature calls, you answer.

Go to:

A. The nearest port-o-potty

B. The nearest gutter

C. A close tree

D. The neighbor’s tent flap

6.  The best campers have the most experience.

You learn to camp from:

A. Your family

B. The Boy Scouts of America

C. The U.S. Army

D. All the above

7.  Part of protesting is the march.

When you march, you:

A. Goose Step

B. Keep in step with those around you while singing Jody songs

C. Wave to the crowds

D. Wander aimlessly

8.  Protesting often means carrying a sign.

Your sign is:

A. Supplied at the campsite

B. In a foreign language

C. Homemade with finger paint

D. Painted in fake banker blood

9.  When a fellow camper can’t keep his trousers up and asks for help, you respond politely.

You tell them:

A. What’s up, in Spanish

B. How to do it step by step

C. They don’t need no stinking pants

D. To take yours

10.  An informed Occupy Movement needs education.

The point of Occupy is to:

A. Make those with jobs and roofs over their heads aware of their good fortune

B. Change the U.S. government way of doing things

C. Give notice to the top 1% that you’re coming for them

D. Volunteer your well being and comfort for the common good


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