4 Ways For A Brewers Festival Done Right

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August 11, 2011 by David Gillaspie


1. Stay With The Group

You don’t want to get lost, but if you do, ask directions.

The people are friendly when you wear a VooDoo Ducks pin.

2. If you’re not lost, keep walking.

When you come across a bachelorette party, be careful.

They’ll ask you to interlock arms with the bride to be. Okay

They won’t ask you back to their room, so don’t offer.

3. Squint if you’re having trouble seeing in the dark.

Open your eyes once things start moving.

During the night you’ll want to see what’s around you.

Remember, many ladies come to the party with their boyfriends.

Keep a look out.

4. Be sure you know who’s behind you.

Not everybody enjoys the guy in the huge beer hat, but those who like it really like.

Those who don’t might put a cigar out on the back of your neck.

This is the third year the hat attended the Oregon Brewer’s Festival, and it’s going strong.

How many years has it got left?

Who wears the hat once it leaves active duty?

In two years we’ll know more.


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