The Master View


August 8, 2011 by David Gillaspie


Vote For Michelangelo

What did America learn from the debt ceiling debate, besides showing the world we don’t mind airing our dirty laundry in world view?

We learned that the right comes in more bitter flavors than imagined, not that they were ever too sweet.

We learned the left is too willing to go too far, or at least further than the right is comfortable with. They get bitter when the left goes too far.

If they get too bitter they stop listening to voices outside their circle, also known as The Voice of Washington D. C. If you call a man Mr. Speaker, then he has The Voice, and you need to listen.

He’s the boss who tells you to get in line, but what’s he really mean?

Speaker Boehner says if you want a coveted committee assignments, Teabagger, the one you didn’t know about, the one I keep in my back pocket for just such emergencies, the one you campaigned against, but the one that will reward your district more than anything else you’ll ever do here; if you get a seat on that committee then you direct a nozzle of cash toward your voters, so get in line.

And by the way, be sure and tell the press I said get your ass in line. It makes me look tough.

On the other side President Obama works the levers of power to keep the national credit rating and avoid defaulting on American obligations, which apparently doesn’t mean lower gas prices. Run your next election on lowering gas and you’ve got one vote right here.

We’ve seen the ugly rift that separates regions in America. The hard-headed region pulled away from the needy region; the I got mine on my own and you will too region pulled away from the you don’t understand cultural disadvantage region.

We didn’t see the tanks roll, didn’t see Airborne Rangers hit the silk over the National Mall. No one strafed congress, no body’s found on a park bench.

One of the side benefits is how the event defined careers.

Will Rep. John Boehner run for President? Why would he after watching Bob Dole fail, who was even scarier looking.

Senator Dole seemed take care of business in town; Boehner looks like he’d book you on a rendition plane to a sunny place and meet you there. Either that or he’s getting some bad tanning advice from Ohio.

In the bigger picture, who had the most global interest watching our leaders snipe while they score political points? Hint: it’s not credit rating agencies trying to analyze the penalty per person if the credit rating drops or rises. 

Since you’ve heard they hold more U.S. debt than any one country, the answer to who has the most global interest in the American debt debate is China.

You probably guessed China.

If China’s goal is getting their yuan currency to replace the dollar as the global standard, the reserve currency, Congress is helping quite a bit. The problems with postponing the deal to raise the debt ceiling gives Chinese analysts a reason to say America is growing more unstable, like a banana republic.

If Congress squanders global trust by attacking each other verbally, imagine how the Chinese would handled the debate.

“Who’s this new guy? Where’s Li?”

“Mr. Li had a family emergency. My name is Mr. Lo, So Lo. How is your family?”

“Fine. Why do you ask?”

“Manners. It’s polite to ask after a man’s family.”

“Thank you for asking.”

“Your parents enjoy their apartment? Your children enjoy their schools? I would hate to see them disrupted by events.”

“What events?”

“So glad you asked. I need your endorsement on our debt ceiling debate.”

“If I give it I will appear weak to my supporters.”

“If you don’t, you won’t have any supporters. Mr. Li’s family emergency was moving his parents and children to a re-education camp from their apartments and schools, and joining them there.”

“I see.”

“Do you?”

“Show me where to sign.”

“We’ll get this problem under control with your grand efforts, I’m certain.”

“May I leave now?”

“Yes, and ignore the paddy wagon outside. It’s waiting for your colleagues after their interview.”

“In case they faulter?”

“You are very quick and clever.”

“Tell me how I may help.”



3 thoughts on “The Master View

  1. Your amazingly up to speed in contemporary issues for an archaeologist!

    I think we are seeing a major cultural clash between us older white baby boomers and new wrold realities of having a black president and maybe international corporate greed fanning the flames.

    Sadly, this all does play directly into China’s wish to drop the embarrassing dollar as international currency with their Yuan?

    I like studying ancient cultures; as I can find out how it all worked out!

    • deegeesbb says:

      Or maybe it’s China at the top of the world GDP for nearly four hundred years? And climbing once again. I’d like it more if they didn’t hack US computers and copy technology, but what can you do?

      • China and Our Pacific Coast has been linked by international trade since 1565 and I hope China’s myopic USA computer hacking stops.

        My 2010 book, PACIFIC COAST PIRATES & SPANISH GALLEONS document our historic trade relations with China & Japan historically!

        I just created my EBOOK and AMAZON is now publisher to make book more easily available to all with an interest in Oregon History – before Lewis & Clark.

        We should, at least, respect each other!

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