Aventures of VooDoo Ducks, pt 2

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August 4, 2011 by David Gillaspie


A brew festival may not be the best environment for VooDoo Duck.

There’s no context; there’s lots of beer, which feels like a big tailgater, but there’s no game.

Beer works best as a celebration of a big event, or part of anticipating a big event.

When the big event is the beer itself, VooDoo Duck power lags.

Orange Crush from Ale Industries vs Hod Rod Rye from the Bear Republic Brewing Co?

You can’t lose. One side can’t claim VooDoo Duck power more than the other.

A college football game cooks all the ingredients of a big event, including more beer than a brew festival in some places.

When it’s a game between the LSU Tigers and Oregon Ducks opening the season in Dallas Cowboy Stadium, it’s bigger than life.

This is where VooDoo Duck thrives.

LSU stands for Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. While it is one of the most incredible campuses in the nation, it is also the closest to real voodoo.

No one thinks all the Tigers come from the Marie Laveau family tree. They couldn’t because everyone at LSU isn’t from Louisiana. But they are in the region Marie called home, at least closer than Oregon.

Is it fair to say LSU has the region on their side? More than fair.

Is it fair to think some LSU fans know more voodoo than your average Duck fan? They ought to if they don’t.

VooDoo Duck fills that voodoo gap between the two schools.

Made from the golden colored duck bones gathered after a 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary celebration and mounted on green bark from a Douglas Fir tree, VooDoo Duck protects its owners from spells cast by true believers.

For example, at the Oregon Brew Fest a couple of ladies in bad wigs and five o’clock shadows considered buying a VooDoo Duck button.

In voices deeper than they should have been, it is Portland so it’s normal, they answered a few questions.

“Are you Duck fans?”

“Oh yes, big fans. We love the Ducks.”

“Do you know who they play for their first game?

“Everybody we know knows it’s LSU.”

“Could a VooDoo Duck button help the Ducks against LSU?”

“Now son, listen to me, I played safety in high school, er, I mean I dated a safety in high school. We had two brothers from Baton Rouge on the team. Those two could run through a bus to make a tackle. The football field was their home and they didn’t like visitors. They would have played 2 on 11 if the rules allowed, and they would have won. Our Ducks need everything they can get. VooDoo Duck buttons? Hell, yeah.”

“Then I’ll give you one of these.”

“You better make it two if want these two VooDoo Duck queens to boil up a potion and work their magic.”

“Then I’d like you to have two VooDoo Duck buttons.”

“We want the big ones with the initials and the numbers.”

“Those aren’t for sell.”

“Maybe they should be if you want the Ducks to win.”

“The small ones are five dollars.”

“Good, we’ll take the two you’re giving us and two more. Here’s a ten.”

“Do you need so many?”

“For LSU? Yes. Besides, have you seen the other VooDoo Ducks?”

“There’s more?”

“Not the same. With real bones, any other mascot would choke if they tried to eat the original, right.”

“Uh, yes they would.”


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