Adventures of VooDoo Duck, pt. 1

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July 29, 2011 by David Gillaspie


The Oregon Ducks have overcome an image problem similar to Delaware and Texas Christian University, TCU.

The Blue Hens and Horned Frogs.

Every team mascot or name dominates them.

A Tiger kills them all.

A Bear? Same thing.

No chance against a Wildcat.

A Bulldog? Those things chew through plumbing. A duck’s neck is weaker than flex-pipe.

What does a Blue Hen do to compensate? How can a Horned Frog ever win?

They play hard.

The Ducks have that and more: They have VooDoo. 

As in, VooDoo Duck.

The Ducks have been to the mountaintop. They saw the view and want to go back.

And they know the first step is tha hardest. Baby, they know.

LSU is the first step. The LSU Tigers, to be exact.

In the Dallas Cowboy’s new stadium. Maybe Jerry Jones is finally paying  tribute to Jefferson High School, University of Oregon, and Dallas Cowboy great Mel Renfro?

Or maybe Oregon is worthy of Cowboy Stadium?

It must be a fluke to finish the season playing and SEC Tiger team, and open the next with an SEC Tiger team. Different school, different tiger, different results.

The Ducks lost their last Tiger game.

The one coming up, the LSU Tigers, have the most voodoo of any school you’ve heard of. Who else keeps a live tiger on campus?

Luckily VooDoo Duck answers the call and offers voodoo protection.

What more will it take?

Let’s start with VooDoo Duck at the Oregon Brew Festival on Waterfront Park.

(part 2 coming soon) 


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