G-Day, Plus 1

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June 14, 2011 by David Gillaspie


For all big time wrestlers, the day after winning the big one means it’s all history.

Graduation is the same.

You’ve got to start over.

Either that, or spend a lifetime reflecting on the greatness.  So why not build on it.

Whether you wrestle in college, or not, the sport has given you a great platform to work with.

What will you do with it?

Recreational wrestling carries a major problem when one participant goes overboard to win the title they didn’t get in high school.  If you are the more accomplished guy, your opponent may feel like this is his chance to show what he could have done if he had:

1. Cut the weight to get into the more favorable bracket at the end of the year.

Or, he had

2. Met you in the finals.


3. Done the running needed to out-condition the field instead of running out of gas.

Stay away from the guy trying to prove himself because he couldn’t do it when it mattered.  You’ll either get a freak injury that comes with a lifetime of restricted motion, or you will pound the crap out of him and lose a friend.

Since you’re smart enough to graduate, you’re smart enough to make the right call. 

Avoid the wrestler who wants a match at your graduation party.  If they persist, and tell you they’ll be waiting for you on the side yard, find another wrestler his equal and go to the yard as a coach.

Once you feel free and clear of competitive matches, pick a new sport to stoke your own competitive fire.

If you’ve won a lot of matches, then you know how to run.  Tie a pair of shoes on and enter a local 10K.

Big races usually have a select few at the front near the starting gun.  They’re running for a qualifying time to move up to even bigger races.

Remember, if you’re up front you’ll have to run like the wind, which means a lot of others will pass you as you slow down.

That’s no fun.

Starting in back means hanging with those who probably shouldn’t be in the race to begin with.  Spending time with the injured and overweight isn’t as motivating as the gazelles up front, but at least you won’t be passed by the field after the second mile.

For the best results, encourage the guy who wanted to wrestle on the side yard to run the race with you.  Don’t tell him you plan on out-kicking him at the end.  By the time you go into your sprint you’ll be warmed up and ready to pop the clutch.

Make sure you know something about the guy in the beginning, like if he ran cross-country instead of playing football.  That could change your plans.

If you’ve never liked running, don’t worry, you feel the same as everyone else.  The difference is they got over the hump and you will too.  Fifteen minutes into a race and you’re too committed to quit.

The buzz from running isn’t the same as wrestling, but if you push hard enough in training, the satisfaction feels similar.

Will you beat someone?  Yes, remember the injured and overweight? 

Will you beat the good women runners?  No, but they’ll keep you coming back for a stronger time.

Eventually, you’ll be able to set a goal time.  For 10k, look for something in the mid-40 minutes.

Then work it down.

After that…?


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