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June 6, 2011 by David Gillaspie

The occasion of a 500th post calls for some heavyweight support. 

What began with the first word in the first post has grown beyond anything numbers can describe.  

But numbers, like birthdays and anniversaries, are the milestones that mark the trail.

Five hundred?  It takes five fingers to describe the feat.

1. Maverick had his problems in Top Gun, but he came through in the air and on the ground.

Who doesn’t remember the beach volleyball game with all the sweaty guys.  What started out awkward turned into a bonding moment, just like DG’s B&B.

More important, who doesn’t remember Kelly McGillis, the teacher Maverick found harmony with.  This is the same Kelly who bared her soul, and some skin, to Harrison Ford a year earlier in Witness.

We’ll always give that a thumbs up around here.

2. DG’s B&B is not #1 in it’s area of endeavor, and neither are the Boston Celtics.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying.

One thing that is Number One forever is Larry Bird.  Why are there comparisons to Bird whenever some tall, goofy looking, white guy starts making noise in the NBA?

For the same reasons a white boxer gets hyped after winning a few matches.  That’s when analysts take the low road and turn competition into a discussion on race.

Bird was a basketball player, not an ambassador.  He did things on the basketball court others couldn’t do, not Magic, not Michael, not LeBron, and not Dirk.

The next time you hear someone pledge to “be the fattest man to leave Boston” will be the first since Bird.  DG’s B&B won’t be the fattest page in the blog world, but that’s the direction it’s heading.

 3. Could DG’s B&B get a writing bid from Halliburton?

How about some standard body armor for the reserves?  No?

No one can run two wars and cut taxes without leaving a huge load on the next guy’s desk, can they?

By the way, if you come from Texas, why did you attend Ivy League schools?  Texas has Rice.  They’re smart enough.

Who’s your daddy, George Bush I, or Dick Cheney?

Okay, enough, just be sure and subscribe to DG’s B&B.  You’ll do that, won’t you?

4. The most famous finger in sports right now is Dirk Nowitzki’s tendon-challenged finger.  Some call it a droop, a hammer finger, a baseball finger. 

If you catch the problem early and stabilize it for six weeks, it’ll be fine.

If you go to the doctor and get a splint that you take off and whack your brother until it breaks and your parents decide to teach you a lesson about wasting money on something you obviously don’t care about, you get the ring finger shown here.

To be fair, a doctor said such a finger doesn’t always respond to treatment.  At DG’s B&B we think Dirk gets the hook and likes it.

5. Even a little finger gets big when it’s broken.  Pain asks for all the attention, no matter the size.

This little finger, though disfigured, belongs with all the others because the owner never complains about it.  He calls it his Dirk-finger.

How many out there have injuries that healed less than perfectly on their left hand?  Show support for the greatest German basketball player ever and tell us about it.

This covers DG’s B&B 500 on five fingers.  If five hundred posts sounds like a lot, just remember every writing project starts with the first word, then the first sentence, the first paragraph, until it’s the first post.

Then do it 499 more times.

Many thanks to the readers and subscribers who take time to make DG’s B&B part of their day.

High Five!

by David Gillaspie


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