Symbolic Cuisine Means You Made It

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June 5, 2011 by David Gillaspie

Nectar Of Kings

A special appearance by Ian means a Full English Breakfast, (FEB.)

DG’s B&B schedules him once a month, and prepares accordingly.

When it’s Ian, it’s all Ian.

Ian says, “As you know, the trick to the FEB is good grease.  A successful trick uses all the fat from a pound of bacon to create plates of non-greasy tasting food.

“It’s possible to soak a piece of bread in bacon fat and think of it as toast and butter.  English bacon holds the key.  The white fat border left on the cut means a pure fat, not the yellow ooze from some stripey bacon.

“After the bacon, the order of cooking follows: halved tomatoes and mushrooms, eggs up, then bread.  It might sound the same, but this isn’t the heart attack on a plate you get with fettuccine alfredo.

“England gets a bum rap on their food because they cook in order and keep warming plates.  Everything comes in hot, just not hot off the griddle, which is part of the charm.

“This is the perfect breakfast to observe the English habit of including something from each food group in every bite.  Over the centuries the upside down fork and knife operation became the standard way to hand-truck small stacks of food into your mouth.  Small bacon base topped with egg and tomato, um um.   

“Considering the island nation that ruled the seas, and the world, woke up to a FEB often enough to make it a national trademark, shouldn’t it be a World Meal?  No one suggests a 60 Minutes investigation on the health effects of the FEB, it’s already logged into science, but you can’t ignore the results.

“Over the centuries, the FEB evolved in each culture.  It became Bacon & Eggs, Hotcakes & Eggs, a Logger Breakfast.  While not on the same level as dipping holy water in St. Peters, the FEB comes from a holy place.

“England sent her sons to the far reaches of world, to exotic disease ridden lands of beauty and death, deprived of any comfort of home.  The WWI trenches were close to home but it didn’t matter when you saw body parts in the walls.  After such ordeals a FEB welcomed them back by the grace of God.  And still does.

“Like no other food, the FEB drops the anchor of civilization on the plate in front of you.  Fresh eggs means local chickens.  Bacon does the same with pigs.  If you get fried bread, someone is grinding wheat and baking.  These things don’t come from a war zone, but a peace zone.

“The FEB means you made it, and now I’ll make it.  Clear out.”

Thank you, Ian?

by David Gillaspie


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