DG’s B&B Museum Wall of Fame

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May 20, 2011 by David Gillaspie

What’s it take to get into a Hall of Fame?

If it’s a sports Hall of Fame you must run faster, jump further, and be the last one standing at the end of the day.

And do it every day for fifteen years.

The Baseball Hall of Fame had steady numbers for membership, numbers like 300 wins for a pitcher and 500 homers for a hitter. 

But that changed.

All the big money sports Hall of Fame numbers will change.

One that won’t is the Dentist Athletes Hall of Fame.  If you’re not a dentist you don’t get in. 

Who is not a dentist?  Mark Spitz carries dentist mythology, and you can see why with his grill.  The man’s got some bright chicklets.

Casey Stengel, the famous Yankees and Mets manager, is also not a dentist.  The man known as ‘The Old Perfessor’ not ‘The Old Dentist’ didn’t show a lot of teeth in public.  He didn’t have a blinding smile like Mark Spitz, or a moustache to shade it.

If Mark Spitz and Casey Stengel are mistaken as dentist for some reason, Spitz planning on dentist school before Olympic fame, what excuse is there for Isaacc Yankem, DDS, The Psychotic Dentist of the WWF?

Glenn Jacobs ought to be a dentist with that name.

From professional sports Hall of Fame to Hall of Fame by profession, one Hall of Fame stands out.

While not a typical Hall of Fame, if you get into the Dan Gable Museum, you’ve done enough.

It takes a special place to cover the ground the Dan Gable Museum covers.

They honor a diversity of accomplishments, from gender to race, from charities to education

The museum and the legend inspire those who need it, and those who need it but don’t know they need it, which covers everyone else.

What other namesake would inspire articles like The Greatest Fighter That Never Was?  If speculative history bothers you, don’t get into the octagon with Gable.

What other museum reverberates so in tune with the local community?  Not every Frenchman carries a paint brush, but you have to believe every Iowan knows a wrestler.

If a museum succeeds or fails based on the work done to keep it open, the Dan Gable Museum will be the last one standing and the first nominee to DG’s B&B Museum Wall of Fame.

Congratulations.  Please nominate other museums for inclusion.

By David Gillaspie


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