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May 13, 2011 by David Gillaspie


Twice as many people come to DG’s B&B looking for Deron Williams than anyone else.

They find him as an NBA Wrestler and a superstar who may or may not have made his coach quit in the middle of the season.

He says he didn’t, that NBA stars get into it with their coaches all the time, which introduces the second most searched name. 

No one argues with this guy and gets away with it.

Carmine Galante has fans. 

He drove the heroin bus for the American stop of the French Connection.  People in Staten Island read about him the most, which seems natural.  Once you live in New York it all feels like an extended Family

Deron Williams stands worlds apart from Carmine Galante.  One world is all about wagering and cheating and low moral behavior; the other is the Mafia.

Neither man stacks up against the third most searched for name at DG’s B&B.  If his name pops up on facebook for you to friend, read the request carefully.  “Only friend this person if you know them.”

If you don’t know Alexander Karelin, and friend him, he probably won’t show up, but why take the chance.  A man nicknamed ‘The Experiment’ might not be risk averse enough to take a chance knocking on your door.

You know Mr. Karelin as the Russian Olympic wrestler who went undefeated for more than a decade.  His career defining loss came at the hands of Rulon Gardner, who you know from The Biggest Loser.  

Rulon and Mr. Karelin did something called a clinch in their Olympic Gold Medal match, which is a bear hug even bears are afraid of.  The first to unlock their hands in the clinch loses a point, which was Mr. Karelin.  While Rulon did a cart-wheel across the mat, Mr. Karelin was caught on camera behind the scenes weeping with a young woman.

Not what you want to see from a man other frightening men fear.

No one has heard from the cameraman since, but he’s probably working a safer beat, like a war zone.

In spite of the disparity between the three men, they need to share the same narrative post since they come to DG’s B&B so often, and bring others with them.

Three ideas for their narrative: 

– Mafia boss travels to see Russia for business, which is thwarted by large American.

– American befriends former Russian foe, who is killed in shoot-out in the wrong neighborhood.

– Russian works as doorman for disco frequented by small Mafia bosses and large mid-westerners.  Hilarity ensues.

These are three men in need of a story.  If you have one, DG’s B&B will consider posting it.


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