Writing Aptitude Test

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May 4, 2011 by David Gillaspie

inspired by http://jenniferlauck.blogspot.com/


The following questions help you discover a new writer, you.

1.  Complete the sentence, “I write because…”

a. it’s cheaper than therapy

b. the blank page torments me

c. I can’t stop

d. I want to learn more about people I invent

2.  Complete the this sentence, “I write in…”

a. scenes

b. science

c. English

d. emotions that flow through my body like electrical surges of passion

3.  My favorite book is,

a. Moby Dick

b. the Bible

c. the dictionary

d. Huck Finn

4.  My favorite writer is,

a. Pat Conroy

b. Leo Tolstoy

c. Stephen King

d. Charles Dickens

5.  My favorite place to write is,

a. in bed

b. at my desk

c. on paper

d. online

6.  My favorite genre is,

a. romance

b. war stories

c. adventure

d. Charles de Gaulle

7.  My favorite hero is,

a. James Bond

b. Spider Man

c. King Arthur

e. Romeo 

8.  My favorite heroine is,

a. Romeo’s Juliet

b. Tarzan’s Jane

c. Bridget Jones

d. Dorothy and Toto

9.  Complete the sentence, “A good story needs…”

a. the structure you learn from Larry Brooks 

b. the sort of daring you find on http://chuckpalahniuk.net/      

c. a friend like Tom Spanbauer

d. a teacher like Cynthia Whitcomb

10.  The best thing about being a writer is

a. Oprah

b. a basement full of overstock

c. creating the context for ordinary people to become extraordinary

d. answering the question, “so what do you write about?”

When you are finished, visit NYC on Maureen Johnson’s hopping author page.

By David Gillaspie


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