Old Man Admission Test


April 27, 2011 by David Gillaspie


It takes more than a plaid shirt and a tan-colored hat to achieve old man status.

More than killing every animal that stumbles into your sights.

When you hear something that sounds like it came from an old man, you want to see an old man. 

Maybe your Old Man.

When you see stuff that looks like old man stuff, you expect an old man, not the Keno twins from American Roadshow.

A true Old Man passes the following Admission Test.

If you fail, give it a few years.

Passing means taking time to help others pass.

1.  Marlon Brando made Sylvester Stallone look like a noodle-arm in which movie?

a. A Street Car Named Desire

2.  Marlon Brando influenced Dustin Hoffman screaming “ELAINE” in The Graduate with which name?


3.  In which movie would Marlon Brando’s fighter knock out Robert DeNiro‘s fighter?

a. On The Waterfront 

4.  Who said, “There’s before Brando, and after Brando.”

a. Martin Scorsese

5.  After ‘The Godfather, I & II’, what’s left?

a. Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull

6.  The Greatest Story Ever Told?

a. World War II

b. Marlon Brando

7.  The earliest war your dad lies about?


b. Korea

c. Vietnam

d. all the above

8.  You were a teenager when,

a. Roe vs Wade became law

b. marijuana was decriminalized

c. Led Zeppelin was a new band

d. all the above

9.  You saw The Beatles the first time around?

a. true

b. false

10.  Ken Kesey is…

a. the first Reality Show Star, The Novelist Next Door

b. an Oregon rustic, no different than a New England rustic  

c. the last in the great tradition of choke-out writers

d. the first performance art life 

That ought to set the hook into most everyone.

Put your head down and take a nap when you are finished.

By David Gillaspie


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