New Wrestlers Admission Test


April 11, 2011 by David Gillaspie

NWAT: What You Get Is More Than You See

Part One:

Pick a definition of sport.

a.  A contest.

b.  A game.

c.  A challenge that reaches into your soul and chokes it until you break the death grip.

d.  A fun way to mark your physical and emotional growth. 

Choose a definition of success.

a.  Victory over an opponent.

b.  Progress toward a goal.

c.  All the work you’ve put into something turns out the way you planned. 

d.  Feeling equal to those who strive for the same goals as you.

Describe competition.

a.  A chance to join others in the struggle to succeed.

b.  An opportunity to dominate.

c.  The moment you know you have to try something new to win.

d.  A personal challenge to be better than you think you are. 

Who is a worthy opponent?

a.  Someone more uncoordinated than you.

b.  Anyone you don’t like.

c.  The next guy who steps out on the mat.

d.  The voice in your head that says ‘quit now, this is too hard.’

Part Two:

Finish this sentence: A wrestling room is…

a.  A cathedral of sweat.

b.  A classroom of stress.

c.  A standard of comparison to all other rooms the rest of your life.

d.  Home sweet home.

The perfect coach is,

a.  The superstar grown old who lets his assistants run practice while he watches.

b.  The scrub who allows his scrub pals to toughen up the team with crossface drills.

c.  A teacher who outlines the ladder you’ll use to climb to the top of the podium.

d.  The man who takes this bet: If his team wins a national championship he will register and wrestle in a local meet.

Name the best wrestling state, and why.   

a.  Pennsylvania

b.  New Jersey

c.  Alabama

d.  Louisiana

e.  Ohio

f.  Michigan

g.  Oregon

h.  New York

i.  Iowa

j.  Oklahoma

k.  Massachusetts

What benefit do you expect from wrestling?

a.  gain confidence.

b.  lose fear.

c.  take the upper hand in a world that says stay on the couch and play video games.

d.  join the fraternity that encourages more butt kicking than any sport allowed in school environments.

What do you do after winning a match?

a.  squat and scream until someone slaps you back to reality on the JV mat.

b.  raise your clenched fists overhead and take a victory lap.

c.  shake your opponent’s hand, let the ref raise your arm, then shake the coach’s hand.

d.  tear at the arm holes of your uniform until you show your bird chest like a basketball player who scores after a bump in the lane.

How do you celebrate a teammate’s victory after you lost your match?

a.  you don’t because you’re already on the bus sulking.

b.  tell them you’re going to pound them even harder at your next practice.

c.  tell them they’re on the way to winning their next big match.

d.  rededicate yourself so you won’t be the biggest fish on the team.

What will you do after your last match?

a.  leave your shoes on the mat, head straight to the nearest buffet, and don’t stop eating until you’ve gained an extra two hundred pounds.

b.  keep your shoes on, apply for the dream job at your college, get turned down, and take the same job with the main competition and run the table for the next twenty years.

c.  keep your shoes on, get the dream job at your college, then dump it because they’re not as keen on running the table for the next twenty years as you are.

d.  keep your shoes on and encourage everyone you meet who is not a pansy to hit the mats and see what they’ve got. 

After test completion, find a workout partner.  On two calendars mark the times and dates of what you’ll do in the next year to reach your goals.

Show the calendar to your friends and family and ask them to help you get there.  Tell your coach your plans and be ready with pen and paper to list all the steps he’ll tell you to take.

Congratulations, you passed the NWAT.

By David Gillaspie


2 thoughts on “New Wrestlers Admission Test

  1. Terry Thomas says:

    nice… I am big on goal setting quotes and posters. Have them all over the wrestling room… where I was.

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