A Bike For Oscar B. Bumble

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April 6, 2011 by David Gillaspie

Good Medicine

Remembering guests is the best part of an internet B&B.

Oscar B. Bumble is one such guest.

In his words:

You said you had a flat walk from the street to the front door, and you do. 

My knee’s been a mess.  The damage points to running.

What kind of shape are runners in who came before the 70’s jogging craze?  They didn’t have air, or gel.  My shoes were always good, now this knee’s bad.  There’s something going on.

My races were local.  The big one was the Cascade Runoff.  15K.  I trained with a man who ran like a gazelle, a big guy who turned six and a half minute miles.  He keeps a race card to show off.

After one operation this knee was supposed to be good to go, except it wasn’t.  This is the second.  Next comes knee replacement, but I’ll get a second and third opinion first.

Until then I’m looking for video to reinforce the physical therapist’s massage instructions.  My surgery is called a ‘lateral release.’  It corrects a tight lateral retinaculum.

What it means is my knee will hurt the rest of my life.  I’m getting a second opinion on that, too. 

The video that doesn’t exist so far is rehabilitative reinforcement and instruction for this sort of surgery.  It would help.

John Canzano had knee surgery.  Micro-fracture like Greg Oden.  Who gets better first?

During his radio show today he talked about the great results doctors get with professional athletes.  He said the pro has five hour chunks of time in the day for treatment after surgery. 

I rode my bike fifty minutes today.  Could have gone further.  What do they do for five hours?

All I’m looking for is some youtube on a knee like mine.  Even the therapist say patients come back massaging their knee in every weird way.  They showed me, and I’m not stupid, but I can’t remember how it goes.  I’m not the only one.

Canzano ought to get it right.  He’s hounded by well-wishers and knee surgery people.  What’ll it be if he doesn’t rehab right?  Then he’ll be another sports writer with a limp.  When he’s an old man he can say he got hurt covering the Blazers.

One thing I do know, don’t refer to a body part ‘the thing.’   Canzano called his knee ‘the thing’, as in “And you won’t hear another peep about the thing from me.”

It’s got a name, John, it’s called a screwed up knee.  Did your guy talk about knee replacement?  Maybe he’ll be my guy.  If your knee looks like a rotten grapefruit, what’ll it look like with a new knee?  I mean, what will mine look like.

You are required to live out loud for your job, I get that, and a picture of your knee is part of it.  Rotten grapefruit covered it well enough, but the picture sealed the deal.

After all the NFL concussion studies, knee injuries faded out of the spotlight.  Until you get your knee worked on.  It all comes back.  Willie GalimoreGale SayersJoe Namath.  Maybe concussion syndrome and the mental losses that go with it help deal with the chronic pain?  It’s a horrible thought.

How many former pro athletes grind around on bad wheels?  There’s a Canzano column.  Ask them the question we all want to know.  Ask them if it was worth it?  If they say they have good days and bad days, ask again. 

Larry Bird‘s back?

Bill Walton‘s back, even worse?

Kermit Washington‘s hand?

The ’72 Olympic basketball team cheated out of their gold medal? 

Ask if it was worth the pain.

Then ask yourself.    

By David Gillaspie 

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