Notes From Section C

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April 4, 2011 by David Gillaspie

Cheering Is Allowed

The big difference between an NFL player and a woman in labor?

Football is not a natural event and birth is. 

They do have some things in common.

The Medwife Method:

All women get an IV when they show up to deliver a baby in a hospital.  

It’s to prevent dehydration.

NFL football players get the same treatment on a hot game day.  They can’t perform at peak effectiveness if they’re dehydrated, and neither can a woman in labor. 

Why can’t a woman in labor eat or drink?  Because vomiting might interfere with a potential c-section later in the Medwife Method. 

Football guy gets his IV because he needs replacement fluids faster than his system delivers.  Besides, he’s so fired up he might vomit if he drinks anything.

If football player gets a cramp or a charlie horse he’s encouraged to ‘walk it off.’

The woman in labor needs to walk it off too.  Gravity is her friend.  It plays a big part in the natural events of birth.

While not a decision breaker one way or the other, it takes a motivated mom to get up during labor, hungry and thirsty, to drag an IV pole around a crowded hallway.

Ask which is more important, having a calm birth with one moment flowing to the next, or playing skip rope with an IV tube while dodging old men in wheel chairs.

Serenity when?

A football game is anywhere from half an hour to an hour-long.  That’s the running clock.  They last longer with time-outs and commercials.

If both teams have the same score at the end of regulation time, they play extra.

The Medwife Method also uses a clock.

If labor isn’t on schedule, meds go in, which quicken labor, throws baby a change of pace, which tires momma out, which throws baby another change of pace.  Then it’s time to visit Section C with a speeded up game clock.

The delivery shows up on time, like a letter on the overnight rate.

A woman in labor is on an internal clock.  Birth takes as long as it takes and the midwife in the room brings a sense of the timeless.

The temperature is just right.  Soothing music you from ceiling speakers.  Everyone you need, except your baby, is in the room and they all expect to stay.

What else is there to do but give into the cycle of birth every animal with warm blood has experienced since the beginning of time?

That is the goal of the midwife.  They don’t practice the Medwife Method.

While birth is a naturally occurring event, it is also defined by culture. 

The Medwife Method is a western tradition relying on technology and invasive techniques.  It carries the Stepford seal of approval.

Midwives are as old as the forest in some cultures.  Groups of women share knowledge gained over generations with new women who want to tap into the eternal flow of life.

You can find each group in the same culture, working to spread their good words.

If you are listening, you might hear natural birth is a human rights issue.  You also might hear it is unconscionable to allow a woman to give birth outside the safety of the hospital.

You won’t hear cheers for an advocate of fourteen year old girls marrying and getting pregnant and delivering a baby alone, or die trying.

You won’t hear cheers for fathers trading their daughters for livestock and treating the livestock better than their daughters.

You won’t hear cheers for modern nations on the rise with infant mortality based on gender.  

Or will you?


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