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March 17, 2011 by David Gillaspie

When You Need More Than A Name

Any product associated with it’s inventor brings name recognition to both.

It’s the same with wrestling.

Microsoft and Bill Gates.

Apple and Steve Jobs.

Televison and Philo Farnsworth.

Light bulbs and Thomas Edison.

Automobiles and George Selden.

Wrestling is no different.

Wrestling and winners.

Wrestlers and opportunity.

Wrestling and education.

Facilities and wrestling.

Morons don’t get into the Ivy League.  GPA rules at Stanford.

They all wrestle.

If you’re a wrestler, or a former wrestler, and you’re thinking of college, strap on your headgear and go.

You will win.

You will graduate.  It’ll be hard going, but you’re used to that.

Enroll.  Show up.  Apply your wrestling training toward class work.

Face it, if you’re smart enough to wrestle in high school and graduate, you’re smart enough to graduate from college.

Let wrestling do that for you.

The difference between wrestling and everything else is that everyone wrestled at some point, they just don’t remember.  The first thing a baby does after it learns to sit up is push another baby over.

It’s like the snarky comment about writers by non-writers, “Most of us learned to write in the second grade and moved on.”

Once you tell someone new you’re a former wrestler, watch for the change.  In a first or last world, either A or F, the person will react.

My favorite response, “wrestlers never stop trying to beat someone. My brother was a wrestler,” wasn’t said in a happy way.

Is that why colleges drop wrestling?

A loss of a wrestling program is one the school never recovers from.  It’s like a curse; no, it is a curse.  Dumping wrestling means more than losing a program.

It means losing wrestlers on campus.

Since ‘wrestlers never stop trying to beat someone’, you’d think every college would want those guys around.

Listen wrestler, you already know if you’ll be moving on to college wrestling.  Either way you’ll be moving on with wrestling.

Anyone saying different just can’t remember their wrestling.

They can’t reflect on a greater context of challenges and working the problems.

Wrestling is more than a name. 


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