Everything You Need To Know, You Can Learn On A Wrestling Mat (pt 3)


February 24, 2011 by David Gillaspie


The Get Motivated Seminar uses local sports talk radio to prepare the ground before they plant the seeds of success.

Why sports talk? 

Probably because the demographic study of listeners fits the target audience for the seminar.

How many of the attendees do you suppose are high school wrestling fans?  Couldn’t they get the same charge attending a wrestling match instead of motivational seminar?

Imagine the interview of a sophomore wrestler before stepping out against a senior carrying three state championships.  Now imagine the interview if he wins.

He might be speechless so you’d have to wait to hear what he says.  Try talking to his mom or dad instead.  You won’t find more motivated people, but others try.

The last three speakers in the Get Motivated lineup are Terry Bradshaw, Brian Tracy, and Krish Dhanam. 

All familiar names, right?

Start with Terry Bradshaw.  This isn’t Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City fame.  It’s Terry Bradshaw of Pittsburgh Steeler fame.  Four Super Bowl wins in the ’70’s?  That Bradshaw.

The man’s been tested over and over.  As a young NFL quarterback he faced criticism for his intelligence, once by another player who admitted he was on cocaine when he said Bradshaw “couldn’t spell Cat if you spotted him the ‘C’ and the ‘A’.”

Terry wins his finals match in Get Motivated due to his topic, TEAMWORK.  He’s an in-studio NFL analyst sitting with a panel that includes defensive linemen Howie Long and Michael Strahan.  Those two would have loved smashing Bradshaw. 

Jimmie Johnson is also on the television team, the Cowboy coach who started Troy Aikman on a team that finished with one win.  He would have sent Terry out to get bashed without a blink.  Teamwork keeps the guys running smoothly, and Bradshaw is the biggest winner among them.

Brian Tracy, ‘America’s Top Authority on Selling’ takes the floor to discuss SALES AND NEGOTIATION.  Are Get Motivated Business Seminars the right place for Mr. Tracy?  Athletes in general, and wrestlers in particular, seek out the toughest opponents to prove themselves. 

Mr. Tracy is billed as a top guy, but where would a top sales and negotiation guy go to prove himself?  Where would Mr. Tracy find his toughest opponent?  Send him to the Indian Ocean to negotiate with the Somalian pirates.  Maybe he could sell them on the idea that piracy is bad.  That’s his championship match.

Finally, Krish Dhanam steps out on the stage described as the ‘#1 Communication Skills Expert.’  His topic is COMMUNICATION, and he’ll show attendees how to use humor to disarm an audience.  What do you bet he starts by explaining how to pronounce his name?  Then he’ll compete with Bill Cosby for the humor medal.

Things could get messy when you’re compared to ‘America’s Favorite Comedian.’  He won’t stand a chance against Fat Albert.  If he knows how to disarm an audience maybe he ought to join Brian Tracy and get the Somalian pirates to lay down their automatic weapons in favor of traditional pirate weaponry.

Do that, and Mr. Dhanam wins the communication gold medal.

Like Terry Bradshaw, wrestlers depend on teammates to get better.  Like Brian Tracy,they lock in before their matches to convince themselves to win. Like Krish Dhanam, they communicate on the mat by working their opponents for a victory.

You may not know all the names in Get Motivated, but you wouldn’t know all the wrestlers at a regional meet either.  The question is which group brings the best message?

Put yourself in the audience for both.  What do you want to hear, “Ready wrestle,” or “Now introducing…”

There’s no wrong answer.


One thought on “Everything You Need To Know, You Can Learn On A Wrestling Mat (pt 3)

  1. Terry Thomas says:

    nice segway to wrestling.. oh and age 60 and bench pressed 1.4473684 times my weight… you do the math…

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