Everything You Need To Know, You Can Learn On A Wrestling Mat (pt 2)

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February 23, 2011 by David Gillaspie


Effective speakers give their pitch.  They talk and you get moved, moved to action. 

You hear America’s best crack the motivational whip and it makes you want to jump.

They’d be more interesting if they explained it in wrestling.

Howard Putnam is the ‘Acclaimed CEO of Southwest Airlines.’  He’s an air travel guy.  He’s talking about Successful Strategies for Turbulent Times. 

Turbulence?  That’s not what you want to hear from an air travel guy.  What would Richard Branson say? 

Mr. Putnam won the turbulence match with his new airplane boarding protocol.  Does organized boarding help the most successful airline in U.S. history for over thirty-five years? 

Take care of the little things on the way to the top and you’ll stay there longer.  Inspect your footwork; challenge your balance.  Be ready to change.

If you say Microsoft, I say Bill Gates.  If you say legendary founder, I say Paul Allen.  If I say Rick Belluzzo, you say…?  President of Microsoft.

He might be the shark in the tank.  The big guys get the heat and guys like Rick make it all work.  He wins his championship match as a dark horse.  He’s the President of Microsoft.  How can he lose? 

It’s not fair to say Mr. Gates and Mr. Allen didn’t work for their money.  It is fair to say guys like Rick made their money work.

The beauty of Motivational World is urging others  out of their comfort zone.  In wrestling there’s no comfort zone.  Instead of encouraging you to act, you’ve got some maniac forcing your hand. 

You have to act.

America’s Acting Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, comes to talk about PERSEVERANCE, specifically the tenacity to persevere and make it through any crisis.  You know the crisis he got through. 

Here’s a guy who walked through the fire, who absorbed the sort of beat down few leaders rise from.  He won his match hands down.

The decision goes the other way on recall.  Rudy’s a guy with a complicated personal life.  If you’ve read about it and still don’t get it, neither does anyone else.

What is a complete victory for these guys?  The same as for anyone else, live your words, have the strength of your convictions, show you’ve got enough belief to answer the last question:  Are you good enough? 

The men and woman in the Get Motivated Business Seminar are good enough to show up.  They expect you to know them, trust them, learn from them.

For those connected to wrestling it’s the same.  They know the sport.  They trust the sport.  They’ve learned from it.  So have you.

The challenge is using knowledge in other pursuits.  Motivation World is waiting.  You’re ready.  Start crack-a-lackin’.

Show up.


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