Everything You Need To Know, You Can Learn On A Wrestling Mat (pt 1)

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February 22, 2011 by David Gillaspie

The GET MOTIVATED Tour Hits Town Soon.

They charge $9. 95 for an entire office to attend this business seminar. 

Ten bucks, the same it cost one person to go to the regional wrestling meet.

The matches between the wrestlers all worked toward the same goal, a championship, a big step toward a bigger championship.  If not that, then place high enough to get to the big time.

This is easy to understand.  The rules are clear and everyone’s ready to go.

These famous presenters are not as well coached.

Gen. Colin Powell rolls in with Leadership.  He won regionals as a famous general when he managed Gulf War I, but lost Gulf War II as Secretary of Defense to Curveball.

The greatest wartime general, General George C. Marshall, won WWII and rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan.  General Powell left Iraq to the Halliburtons.  You don’t hear about the Powell-Halliburton Plan with talk about successful rebuilding there.

Former First Lady Laura Bush plans to explain The Keys To Stability In Uncertain Times.  After a marriage spent witnessing a partner transition through so many personal problems she must have tremendous inner resources. 

She won her title by working her husband into shape, but the real winner among Former First Ladies is Betty Ford.  Mrs. Ford conquered the inner demons that drove her to famous excess.  You’ve heard of the Betty Ford Clinic?  Her victory shines brightly in each graduates’ clear eyes. 

Bill Cosby, called America’s Favorite Comedian delivers ‘Humor At Work: The Secret Success Factor.’  He won’t do it with crude racial references.  He’s no Dave Chappelle.  He won’t light himself on fire and run around the stage.  It wasn’t funny when Richard Pryor did it in his driveway.

The Cos won his regional but lost his finals at state when his wife heard rumors he shared lady-time with more than her.  That wasn’t funny.  He’ll also talk about ‘How To Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks.’ 

Get motivated to bring the best of who you are to the biggest stages.  When you look at your opponent, know you’ve done the work to win. 

It’s not a guessing game.  Leave that to the celebrity speakers.


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