The Oregon Franchise


January 31, 2011 by David Gillaspie

Oregon is a lifestyle state?  What’s the lifestyle?

This is where young people come to retire?  That’s been said.

Come to visit but don’t stay?  Thank you Tom McCall.

Squeezed between Washington and California, Oregon is almost an afterthought to some.

Why is that?

Northern California sounds like a beautiful lifestyle area until Pelican Bay.

The notion of hard-core cons in a super-max environment sharing the lifestyle takes something away, not that people rotting in lockdown 22.5 hours a day detracts from a walk among the majestic Redwoods.

Southern Washington stands out beautifully as long as you ignore the Columbia River, which is hard to do.

The Columbia Gorge is a world destination site.  Where else do you find the rock drama of a river slicing through a mountain range?

A closer view tags the Columbia as the once upon a time champ of most radioactive rivers in the world.  Thank you Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Where would Nagasaki be without you?

No one suggests Washington and California pave the way between Pelican Bay and work on nuclear clean up.  It would be cruel and unusual to a high degree and never work, but if both sides were open to volunteers?


Oregon has a choice for inmates to reduce their sentences in order to get back into their lifestyle state groove.  It’s called the Oregon SUMMIT Program.  There’s little radiation threat around North Bend, Oregon.

If you are young and looking for a place to retire, Portland is not for you.  Maybe it never was.  For a place with a laid-back reputation, the local police have few reservations about dealing with a threat level.

Portland is funny enough.  You can walk out into the afternoon and see enough trees wrapped on the bus mall that you think Christo paid a visit. It was Portland’s idea to show what it would look like without trees.

Of course wrapping trees in yellow plastic prevented birds from feeding their nestlings.  That’s weird enough.

If you come to Portland to find your perch, pick the right tree.


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