The O-Show


January 4, 2011 by David Gillaspie

The heat’s turned up with all eyes on the field

A special team finishes their year without yield

A championship squad that never flies low

Now is the time to show the O.

Players on the field jump and run

Showing other teams how it’s done

One more game and time to go

Now is when you show the O.

Find a seat and tip your hat

It doesn’t count if your skinny or fat

What matters is you’re in the row

Lift your shirt and show the O.

Bandwagon Beaver or fan out of state

Jump on soon before it’s too late

There’s enough room if you don’t blow

Find a Sharpie and make a green O.

It’s not a tattoo or a permanent mark

Not something regretful to hide in the dark

Just a nice circle to get in the flow

Cut off your shirt and show that O.

Family and friends won’t understand

Why anyone would do this, woman or man

But you feel in your heart and deep in your soul

The Ducks are a miracle and need your O.

The feathered fiends will get the win

With no guarantees to get back again

For this game day at least you’ll know

America wears a Big Green O.

Until January tenth, the championship day

Here’s what you do and here’s what you say

Get Sharpie green before you go

Shake hands with strangers and ask “Circle O?”


One thought on “The O-Show

  1. […] Better yet, toss your ’other school gear’ and show the O. […]

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