New Era, New Hat

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December 28, 2010 by David Gillaspie

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Heavy hitter Oregon Histoical Society Executive Director Dr. George Vogt, 67, is retiring from the professional historical agency management business, according to OHS Board Chairman Jerry Hudson.

Dr. Hudson says OHS is beginning a new era of history. The Board Of Directors are taking charge with a new strategic plan that includes specific skills and experience they want in their next OHS director.

He says Board Member Kerry Tymchuk is the right person at the right time to serve as interim Executive Director.

Mr. Tymchuk earns high marks from former Senator Gordon Smith for knowing Oregon better than anyone he knows, but Governor Ted Kulongoski gets it right with “Kerry is the right Oregonian to take on this challenge and I am confident of his success.”

The right Oregonian?

In terms of building blocks, an Oregonian leveling the foundation for a new era of Oregon history has the right sound. Mr. Tymchuk has connections and relationships that show he isn’t afraid to take part in public debate and express the needs of a shared history.

Shared history is the sticky part, and that starts with increasing the number of responses to big news on a personal level.

Here are a few ideas to help OHS along.

– Contact Dr. George Vogt’s former colleagues to add their comments to the news of his retirement. There’s nothing like a warm good bye from current and former staff to tie OHS to a few heart strings.

– Email Kerry Tymchuk’s associates and friends to send public-forum best wishes on his new responsibilities.

– Swamp the staff of all the big names included in the editorial to see if one or two might send a note of support and confidence. I’m happy to know how Governor K and Gordon Smith feel, but in terms of connecting history dots, lets hear from the folks with less polish and shine.

– Take a grass-roots approach so the voters who passed Measure 26-118 have something new to talk about when they hear complaints about the Portland Historical Society, or the Multnomah County Historical Society. For starters, remind complainers that the city and county are in Oregon.

– Links pointing to good steps in the new era of Oregon history:


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