Food Fight

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December 22, 2010 by David Gillaspie

Sarah Palin vs Michelle Obama At The Snack Counter

Most graphics depicting the fattest states in America start with Mississippi and end with Colorado.

Between those two, Alaska is two fat spaces ahead of Illinois in the middle.  No one wants to lead the list, but Mississippi has for five years.

When America’s First Lady takes childhood obesity on as a cause, she has good reason.  We’re fat adults bent on raising fat kids.

She won’t say it isn’t so.

When Sarah Palin counters with a few camp treats, she’s not trying to out-pork Mississippi.  It’s more of a talking point to her.  And maybe not such a big deal.


Michelle Obama is a black woman who says black kids are more likely to suffer the consequences of obesity. 

When is the last time you heard someone say that without getting the racial tag?  A doctor in a lab coat might get away with it, but most anyone else who notes the tendency toward obesity in African-American kids can plan on a visit from Jesse Jackson.

Not Mrs. Obama. 

All she needs to prepare for is Sarah Palin’s sideways comment.  That may not be a relief, but at least we don’t get JJ in our face.

The biggest mistake Mrs. Palin makes is stoking the MMAuthor’s match maker.  The more she talks, the worse it will be for her when Michelle Obama meets her in the octagon.

Taking it another direction, Mississippi comes in second to last in a scale of best educated states; Colorado ranks twenty-third.

On a more personal level, Alaska comes in at forty-fourth and Illinois thirty-second.

Do obesity levels and education have much in common? 

They might in Mississippi.

Now ask which role model China will follow in their drive toward becoming the top nation in the world.  Will their southern regions grow heftier, slack bellies, from too much shiny food while their mountainous areas remain slim and fit? 

Keep the fat-o-meter on Hong Kong and Macau in the south, and the thin-o-meter on the Xizang and Sichuan Provinces in the mountains for future results.

Michelle Obama has shown herself a fighter of the good fight.  She recognizes the advantage of her place in history and her chance to make a difference in the bigger world.

Dolly Madison assisted orphans and women; Jackie Kennedy decorated the White House; Lady Bird Johnson pushed environmental protection and beautification. 

Mrs. Obama takes a world role with childhood obesity.  Will she make a difference?  Yes.  Will Sarah Palin regret comments aimed toward Mrs. Obama for the sake of controversy?  Yes.  Which of them will have the advantage in the MMAuthor’s octagon?

Place your bets, just don’t bet against a First Lady and expect to win. 

They are a formidable bunch.  They’ve been fighting a long, long, time.


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