Mother vs Mother


December 13, 2010 by David Gillaspie

Or, John Lennon and Roger Waters wax about their Moms


John Lennon:  I wrote my Mother song quite a while ago, you know.

Roger Waters:  And it’s a beauty, if I may say so.  They don’t get enough attention.

JL:  It was difficult to sing Mother.

RW:  Is that why you screamed it out instead?  

JL:  It was a screaming album, good to load up and let it rip.

RW:  Let the abandonment thing go sort of thing? 

JL:  It was a bit of a release, yeah.

RW:  Kind of odd we didn’t write more about our dads, don’t you think? 

JL:  But I did.  “Father, you left me, but I didn’t leave you.”  That’s my Dad right there.

RW:  Mine died when I was a baby.  I never knew him the way I needed to know him.

JL:  Let’s face it, we’re better off with our Mums.

RW:  It’s an unending nightmare, yet a source of inspiration for a lifetime.

JL:  Imagine if we’d had the normal set of parents instead.

RW:  That’s saved for another life, I suppose.

JL:  I’d be a fat wanker on the bus.

RW:  And what would I be?

JL:  Difficult.  You’d be difficult no matter what.

RW:  Seriously?  I hear that a lot. 

JL:  Goes with the territory.  We hear a lot about everything.  Lucky we can turn down the noise now and then to something written.

RW:  Do you think your Mother would have liked Sergeant Pepper?

JL:  Probably, if she knew my parts.  She was more a fan of Paul.  Would your Mother dance to Dark Side of the Moon?

RW:  Are you really asking if my Mother would like my songs?  It’s not a real dance album.

JL:  Neither is The Wall, but Mothers hear things the rest don’t.

RW:  That’s the problem.  How can we be artists when our Mothers know the back story of everything we write about.

JL:  It’s not like we haven’t tried to move on.

RW:  A good miner doesn’t leave gold in the pan.

JL:  A good man finds a way to build a better Mother.

RW:  Like Yoko?

JL:  Just like Yoko.  She reminds me to walk before I run.  And she carries a bit of the Floyd with her.

RW:  You’ve done well with her.  She never would have gotten past my Mother.

JL:  Few have those skills.  Sometimes you have to make the call on your own.  That’s why we’re men.  That and regret.

RW:  (Breaks into song)    

Regrets? I’ve had a few,
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course –
Each careful step along the byway,
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

JL:  Mother would have loved hearing that.

RW:  They all loved Frank, but I love you John Lennon.

JL:  You’d love Frank if you heard him sing Imagine.

RW:  You’ve heard that?

JL:  I’m hearing it right now.  Can’t you?

RW:  No, I’ve blocked it out.

JL:  Tear down that wall, Roger.

RW:  I try every day.

JL:  That’s a good man.  Your Mother would be proud.

RW:  Your’s too.

 JL:  (clears throat)  I’m feeling it.  (Starts singing)

RW:  Yes.

JL:  Motherrrrrrrr, you had meeeeee,

but I never had you.

I wanted you,

you didn’t want meeeeee.

So I,

I just got to tell you

Goodbye, goodbye.

Fatherrrrrr, you left me,

but I never left you.

I needed you,

you didn’t need meeeeeee.

So I,

I just got to tell you

Goodbye, goodbye.

Children, don’t do

what I have done,

I couldn’t walk

and I tried to run

So I,

I just got to tell you

Goodbye, goodbye.

Mama don’t go

Daddy come home,

Mama don’t goooooooo

Daddy come home,

Mama don’t go

Daddy come home,

Mama don’t gooooooooo

Daddy come home,

Mama don’t go

Daddy come home,

Mama don’t goooooooooo

Daddy come home.

RW:  Masterful, John.

JL:  Why, thank you, Roger.



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