An O To Go To

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December 6, 2010 by David Gillaspie

Home.  Away.  And Everywhere In Between

Look in your closet and start picking combos.  Did you run out of clothes before you notched 384 changes?

The University of Oregon uniforms get lots of attention; now it’s more about the team than their gear.

It happens like that when you go undefeated and get invited to the most important college football game of the year, also known as the most important game in the history of football in the former Oregon Country.

A game this big deserves it’s own special attention.  Oklahoma knows.  Alabama knows.  Texas knows.  LSU knows.  The Ivy League knows.  Notre Dame knows.  Ohio State knows.

University of Oregon doesn’t show on any list of national football champions. 

They do show up on every list of best-dressed team.  In this perfect storm of a season, the Ducks have a chance to become the best-dressed national champions. 

Unlike the other multiple-championship schools, the Oregon fans, bandwagon jumpers and the rest, are left to find a way to show they understand the stakes.

Now that they’ve been invited to the big table, Oregon fans can reveal their rabid nature.  How?

Face paint?  No.

Body paint?  Huh uh.

Signs?  Nope.

What then?

A green ‘O’ around the navel.  It’s fast, it’s meaningful, and it could be permanent.

It looks like this:


And this:

And this:

Like the variety of uniforms the Oregon Ducks choose from, the Green O is a study in variations.  And it always looks good.

Tight tummy?  Make an O. 

Flopper?  Make an O.

Diamond stud?  There’s an O for that.

Hairy?  Get an O.

Big O, little O, scrawl O, double O,

Make your O to go

And get it ready

For the big time show.

Will ‘On The Rocks’ sing in half-shirts and show their O?  Lady Gaga would.

Will everyone at your game party rise up with their green sharpie O?  Yes they will, just have enough green pens to pass around, and they will draw it on themselves, on each other, some in public and some in private. 

Green O on the skin means the Ducks will win.  More important, it shows the rest of the nation football means more here than they imagined.

The game is five weeks away.  If you want the best from the Oregon Ducks, make the best platform for your O.

You’ll both be unbeatable. 

You’ve got a month to work on it.  Start now and go beyond the game.

Go for the O!

(Disclaimer: all O’s occurred voluntarily during the Civil War Game, 2010.  No animals were hurt in the execution of any O on this page)


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