Wrestling Against Blog-Fu’s Top Ten

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November 19, 2010 by David Gillaspie


If you’re a blogger, then you’ve googled the word blog.  If you haven’t, the entries start with wiki. 

If you google anything, wiki shows up near the top of most searches. 

(I mean google any subject, not the word anything, but if you do google the word anything, wiki is the fifth entry.)

After you google blog and read the wiki definition, move to the next entry, blogger dot com.  Wiki tells you what a blog is and blogger dot com is where you do what wiki says blogs are supposed to do.  It is the google blog platform.  You can tell it’s related to google since the URL is google dot com when you click blogger.   

How convenient, though not be confused with blog dot com. 

If you must choose between blogger dot com and blog dot com, think of the choice between McDonald’s and MacDonalds.  It may be a small difference, but it’s different enough.  

One serves that special sauce on a sesame seed bun, along with two all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, and a pickle; the other serves animal sounds with an extra helping of E-I-E-I-O.  Neither is good for the long haul.

From the official google blogging platform, blogger dot com, to blog dot com, the next listing is googleblog dot blogspot dot com. 

Confused yet?

If not, then explain this: blogger points to google dot come when clicked; googleblog, the official blog of google, reads googleblog dot blogspot dot com. 

Different, or the same?

If you must blog, the next entry explains itself.  WordPress dot com sounds like a sandwich.

“I’ll have a wordpress dot com with everything on it, please.” 

And that’s what you’ll get when you order.  The more you look around, the more blogs you’ll see running on the wordpress platform.

WordPress reads the same everytime you see it.  Once you start a wordpress dot com blog, you’ll feel like the king of the world wide web.  Before you dash out and start fixing the ‘inner-net’ for all your friends, take a look in the mirror.  You’re not the king.  WordPress just makes you feel like royalty. 

If you see a crown on your head, it’s probably from sneaking off to Burger King.  It’s not permanent headgear.

Wouldn’t you expect to find more blogging sites after googling blog?  SethGodin dot typepad dot com is not a blogging service; typepad dot com is, but Seth Godin is a marketer, a really good marketer.  His blog shows up on the first page when you google blog. 

Neither definition, not service, sethgodin dot typepad dot com shares his short posts that might be for marketing pros, but they seem to fit every other situation as well.  Maybe it’s a marketing world and I’m just the last to know?

The White House Blog fills the number seven slot.  While not big on what everyone wears to work, or what they ate for lunch, whitehouse.gov/blog covers what’s going on.  For instance, the President is now in Portugal.  His wife visited Spain a few months back. 

Count the days before someone identifies Iberian influences on the First Couple. 

I’m waiting for the breaking news that they prefer diced tomatoes on toast for breakfast, and want to shut down government at three in the afternoon and start again at seven in the evening. 

What will the ‘birthers’ say then?

The Twitter blog shows up before the facebook blog?  Blog dot twitter dot com ahead of facebook?  Facebook has a movie and twitter doesn’t, and they’re still ahead?  Score for twitter.  It seems odd that a semi-recluse would hit it big with a social network; even more unusual that a smaller unit like twitter jumps up so big. 

What was myspace thinking?  Or linkedIn?

The last two entries on the first page of googling blog are people.  One is Mark Cuban, the other Kanye West.

On blogmaverick dot com (Mr. Cuban owns the NBA Dallas Mavericks), the latest post concerns Dancing With The Stars and Bristol Palin. 

It’s a long post, seventeen paragraphs long.  I’m thinking Mark Cuban sat down and wrote it himself.  It’s a pressing issue and he aired it out.  Remember this the next time you watch a Dallas Mavericks game and see Cuban run out on the court.  You can yell at your television and it won’t help.  Do it anyway.  

“Hey, rich guy in a t-shirt, sit down.”

The last of the top ten on a blog google search, kanyewest dot com, shows a silhouette of a man carrying someone away from an explosion.  You’ll find the ‘play’ triangle, so I’m guessing it’s the beginning of a video where Kanye saves someone from an explosion, or not, and sings about it.  Or raps.  Or puts on a big pair of weird glasses. 

Take a look and let me know if he’s carrying Taylor Swift.

The first page of googling the word blog presents ten top sites, from a wiki blog definition, to blogging services, to actual blogs.  Could you guess what came up before it came up? 

Kanye?  Blogger, please.

Now pick a word with your friends and make predictions on what will show first.  Think of it as Search Engine Jeopardy, or SEJ.

“Alex, I’ll take wiki for a hundred.”


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